How to Personalize Your Marketing in the Banking Industry

Posted by Meg Sepulveda on Sep 28, 2022 10:30:00 AM

The banking industry is often considered sterile or cold. The marketing that many financial institutions put out can be regarded as stiff and impersonal, making it harder to attract new customers. Personalizing your marketing helps you separate your institution from the others, allowing you to recruit new customers who will be loyal for years to come. 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Financial Institutions

Why Launching a New Website Isn’t Going to Fix Your Marketing

Posted by Ben Fjare on Sep 14, 2022 10:30:00 AM


We love the opportunity to help a client launch a new website. Whether it’s your first website for your business or you are looking to refresh your existing website, our experts at PRIME are here to help you through the process. While a new website can help boost and energize your marketing, it is just a piece of the bigger marketing picture. Before you jump into a new website, here are some other things to consider.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Strategic Growth

We Have More Business Than We Can Handle  — Should We Slow Our Marketing Efforts?

Posted by Jason Johnson on Aug 3, 2022 10:30:00 AM

If you’re lucky enough to be succeeding in business, you may wonder if you should slow your marketing efforts. In a word, no. Your marketing is likely one of the reasons your business is booming. Use this opportunity to grow your business by continuing rather than scaling back on your marketing campaigns. Here are some creative ways successful brands continue to push marketing, even while they’re on top. 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Methodology

Why a 3-Month Marketing Campaign Isn't Going to Get You Results

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Jul 6, 2022 10:56:00 AM


Digital marketing has been around since the 1990s, and it remains an important piece of any marketing strategy today. If you’re new to the digital marketing game, you may be wondering how to run a successful digital marketing campaign and how long it will take to see positive results. Here’s what to expect from your new campaign.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Methodology

How to Align Your Business Goals With Marketing

Posted by Jason Johnson on May 25, 2022 11:45:00 AM

Sales and marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly or mac and cheese, a combination destined for greatness. When it comes to your overall business strategy, you want to keep both in mind to set yourself up for success. After all, what is macaroni without cheese or jelly without peanut butter? Not living up to its full potential, that’s what!

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

Sustainable Tourism: An Important Trend for Tourism Marketing

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Feb 1, 2022 9:45:00 AM


Sustainability has been a buzzword for some time, but today, it’s affecting consumer decision-making on a daily basis. And travel decisions are no different. 

According to’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, 83% of travelers think sustainable travel is vital. Of the 29,000 travelers surveyed, 61% said the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Destination Marketing

Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Get the Job Done

Posted by Alexa Audet on Dec 28, 2021 10:15:00 AM


There are a lot of ways to market your business, and the reality is, they’re not all created equal. While each type has its time and place, some forms are more dated than others. The truth is, traditional marketing is on its way out. This is your father’s marketing, and his father before him. Marketing methods like door-to-door mailers, radio spots, and television commercials would all fall into this time capsule of a bucket. But we’re not the type to rail on something without reason. Traditional marketing just doesn’t offer your business the absolute best of the marketing world, which is exactly what you want for your business. Here are just a few reasons why many of these traditional forms of marketing ought to be history when it comes to your strategy. 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

5 Digital Marketing Goals to Set for the New Year

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Dec 14, 2021 11:00:00 AM


New Year’s resolutions don’t have to end at fad diets and the latest wellness trends. They can apply to your business’ marketing as well. It’s time to start setting your digital marketing goals for 2022. Like any resolution, the key to success is setting measurable, achievable goals. (You’ve probably heard of SMART goals, which we go into detail about in this blog.)  

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy

Insightful Digital Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2022

Posted by Jason Johnson on Dec 7, 2021 10:45:00 AM


If you’re a planner at heart, you’re already well into your marketing planning for 2022. One of our favorite ways to plan for the future is to start with the data. So we dug into the findings of inbound marketing giants like HubSpot to find statistics that say something about the world of digital marketing in 2021 and where it’s going in 2022. Here are some key statistics that can help you plan where to spend your dollars and your efforts in 2022.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy

New Tools Destination Marketers Should Know About

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Sep 14, 2021 10:00:00 AM


If you’re a destination marketer, you probably have your trusty set of tools that help you draw visitors to your destination – likely a mix of social advertising, print advertising, billboards, content marketing and more. But in the quickly-evolving world of technology and digital marketing, there are always more tools to be harnessed. Whether your visitation numbers have been stalling or you simply want to get ahead (and stay ahead) of your competitors, it’s always good to stay up-to-date on new tools that are available to you.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Target Marketing, Destination Marketing

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