5 Digital Marketing Goals to Set for the New Year

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Dec 14, 2021 11:00:00 AM

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New Year’s resolutions don’t have to end at fad diets and the latest wellness trends. They can apply to your business’ marketing as well. It’s time to start setting your digital marketing goals for 2022. Like any resolution, the key to success is setting measurable, achievable goals. (You’ve probably heard of SMART goals, which we go into detail about in this blog.)  

2021 has brought us new digital marketing tools and trends, and 2022 is the year to get ahead and experiment with some up-and-coming, proven tactics that can help you grow. As you set your marketing goals for the upcoming year, consider adding these to your list. 


1. Improve Your Local SEO

According to a survey conducted by Mint, 70% of consumers are supporting local businesses by shopping online only, or a mix of online and in-store. Shopping local is incredibly important to consumers right now, mainly because they want to keep money local and support their community and local creators.

Local businesses can embrace this trend by improving their local SEO. When you focus on your local SEO, you make your business easy to find for people who are looking to shop local. There are a lot of free resources you can use to do this, like Google My Business. By optimizing your account, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and providing genuine responses, you’ll help your business rise to the top of SERPs for those browsing locally.  For more in-depth instruction on how to improve your local SEO, check out HubSpot’s blog on the topic.




2. Prioritize Personalization

Information capture forms and analytics platforms are allowing marketers to learn more about their prospects and customers than ever before. With this information comes the prime opportunity to personalize your content. Personalization makes your customers feel like they’re understood – like what you have to offer is specifically for them. And it works! Take email, for example. 74% of marketers report that their targeted email personalization increases customer engagement rates. 

When personalizing communications, you can be as specific as adding a person’s name into an email or as broad as segmenting your emails into smaller groups of demographics with targeted messaging just for them. In 2022, go one step further with your content by making everything a bit more personalized. It takes an extra step, but the results can be enormous.


3. Use More Video

It’s no secret that video is on the rise, leading the world of marketing content. But it’s more than just buzz. Studies show that video social media posts receive 48% more views than those with text and images alone. Viewers also retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. But that doesn’t mean you need a highly produced, two-minute video for every post. Even something as simple as a GIF or a five-second animation invites people to spend just a little bit longer looking at your content.

In 2022, set a goal to do more with video – whatever that looks like for your business. It’s okay to start small, but you’ll likely get left behind if you don’t start at all. 


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4. Form a Brand Partnership or Collaboration

Brand partnerships and collaborations are a great way to gain mutual benefit through your marketing campaigns, exposing your company to another brand’s following and vice versa. It also allows both brands in a partnership to extend their budgets by putting them together. Partnerships often emerge organically, spurred by similar values and overlapping audiences, and they generally don’t compete with one another. Partnerships can take many forms, from co-branded products to promoting a nonprofit you love and sharing product proceeds with them.

In 2022, think about brands you might partner with to strategically grow your audience, create positive brand awareness and dip into new market segments. 


5. Try Something New! 

In 2022, it’s time to break out of your old ways. There are so many new emerging technologies and ways to promote your brand – why not try something new this year? Maybe it’s one of the above suggestions; maybe it’s utilizing AI in the form of a chatbot; or perhaps you’ve yet to try advertising on streaming services like Spotify or HBOmax. Whatever makes sense for you, push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some healthy experimentation. 


Looking for a goal-oriented marketing partner in the new year? Connect with us here at PRIME and see if we might make a good fit to help you reach your goals in 2022.


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