Download Your Free Brand Positioning Worksheet

Brand Positioning WorksheetKnowing what to say in your marketing, or how to say it is a constant challenge. Defining your brand positioning prior to marketing will help you understand what is important to your company, what differentiates you, who your audience is, and what voice you should take in your messaging. This worksheet will also help you define what personality your brand should take and help you connect with your target audience. You will craft your own brand positioning statement by simply filling in the blanks like Mad Libs. OK, maybe it will take a little more thought than that, but we provide you the formula to create something unique to your business. We even give you a few examples of popular companies and how they apply their brand positioning statement in their marketing.





How This Will Worksheet Will Help

  • Define your company values
  • Define your driving force
  • Better understand where you excel
  • Determine your differentiator
  • Understand your target audience
  • Create a brand personality
  • Craft a complete brand positioning statement

We know this worksheet will help you establish a stronger brand and bring clarity to your marketing efforts. It's FREE, just provide us a little info about yourself and take the next step to build a better brand.