Your Social Media Marketing SUCKS! Three Realities That Make This True

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Aug 17, 2018 11:00:46 AM

We get it! You created a social media account because everyone told you that it's the holy grail, but is it? How do you measure the impact of your social media and what is your ROI? Turns out you have been posting a lot of cat videos and funny memes for no reason. Social media is a fickle, fickle world! But the truth is, wasted time equals wasted money. So when you report to your boss, what do you have to show? If your answer is "GREAT QUESTION", this blog is for you. Yes, social media can be a black hole, but it doesn't have to be. We are going to lay down some insight that may help you take your social game from zero to hero quickly, and it ain't that difficult.... so here goes!

Start with goals

With social media it is easy to lose site of the fact that you still need to accomplish something. Likes and comments can be addictive, but do they impact your bottom line? Nope! Think beyond the engagement. Does this "Facebook User" visit your site? Did they buy something? Did they inquire about your products or service? That's what it all comes down to right? Making money. If your social media efforts aren't generating income, you need to rethink your priorities. You didn't get into business to win any popularity contests did you? You need to stack those "Benjamins!"

My Momma Told Me...

The long standing myth is that if you aren't on social media, you aren't marketing. Or if you aren't posting funny pictures on social media, you aren't engaging your audience. I say, "If you aren't teaching, you are preaching!" Stop thinking about social media as this game to trick people into following you, and start teaching them what you have learned over the years. Early on, social media was this entertainment resource that everyone turned to for a laugh or to keep up on what their nieces and nephews were up to. Somewhere down the line, some genius realized that social media was a great way to share helpful knowledge to improve our lives. Not long after, sharing ideas and tips for business purposes became a great way to demonstrate your expertise and engage new prospective clients. If you have not caught on to this strategy, you are missing the mark. Take a step back and think about the last product you purchased. How did you decide to buy that particular product? Was it an impulse buy, or did it require a little more thought? Did you research that product? Did you compare alternative options? Did you read customer reviews? If any of this sound familiar, a light might be going off in your head that you engaged with helpful and engaging content. Not a cat photo, or a meme, but real helpful, thought out content. Yes, content is king, and content that is educational or helpful in nature is where it's at. Are you producing content that will help your target audience? If not, you should be!

Real News vs. Fake News

Look, I'm not Tom Brokaw, and I don't have some drastic event to share with you, but I do know that knowledge is power. Look at MSNBC or Fox News, whatever spin they put on a current event is believed to be truth, but is it? Social media can be a trap to pursue the feeble minds into believing anything. Now, I'm not advocating at all to create "BS" content, but rather providing an example of the power of well written content. Be honest and effective in telling your story. Authenticity is appreciated and real. Yes, I mean "Real News." I'm not advocating for "Fake News." Tell the truth, even if the truth hurts. I think we would all agree, that hearing the honest to God truth, is always better then a sugar coated pile of BS. Authenticity spans beyond current events. Authenticity is a reflection of your brand. Your brand is a reflection of your business. And the content you post on social media is your brand's story. What does your story say about you?

I Thought We Were Talking About Social Media?

Believe it or not, we are still talking about social media, and this blog topic is how to get the most out of your social media accounts. What we are getting at is that you need to quit providing fluff. Because, honestly, nobody gives a shit! Really! How many social media accounts do you follow that tell you the special of the day, or post some irrelevant photo that has nothing to do with the business? It's all noise. In our daily lives we get bombarded with images, slogans, or marketing jingles that attempt to convince us that the product they are selling is better. But we have all developed an advanced 'BS' meter that tunes out insignificant noise. This includes social media. It is all noise that we have learned to drown out, so how do we grab attention? How do we rise above the noise? CONTENT! Effective social media strategies are built on a solid foundation and that foundation is well organized, and thought out content. Content can consist of blogs, videos, photo compilations, info-graphics, lists, anything that is well organized and brings true authentic value to the reader and social media is just the medium to deliver that content to the target audience.

Making The Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

Okay, this blog has been fun to write, but lets get to the punchline, right? The real reason we jumped on the party bus was to learn why our social media marketing isn't producing real results. To be blunt, you are boring. And the boring guy doesn't get the prom queen. So stop being boring. How do you do that? Provide value. People don't shop at Walmart for the entertainment, they shop there because the are going to "Get More" or so their slogan goes. Provide more! Take your social media game to the next level by providing customer focused content. Sit down with your customers and ask them, what keeps them up at night. What is one thing your business helps them with? What made them choose you over the competition. Right there, you've got four blog topics to create, real, helpful content around. Stop trying to entertain, and start trying to educate. Regular helpful content will help establish you as a reputable source for ideas. The more knowledge you give, the more you will get in return. So let it flow! Spill the beans! Share your thoughts and ideas to build a better relationship with potential customers. Go above and beyond to make them feel like a part of your development team and your efforts will go a long way. Social media isn't about capturing attention. It is about sharing ideas. Sharing tips. Sharing knowledge. That is the true power of social media and if you are not contributing to those efforts, your posts are just a fart in the wind... good bye!

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