Why You Should Set Measurable Goals

Posted by Alexa Audet on Nov 19, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Why You Should Set Measurable Goals

Whether you’re Eliud Kipchoge, sprinting out a 2:01:39 marathon time (that’s 4:38 a mile, y'all), a procrastinator ready for change, or a business owner trying to increase foot traffic, it’s important to have measurable goals. No matter who you are or what your goal, it’s much better aimed at when it’s got some measurement backing it up. Today we’re taking a look at why you need to set measurable goals and exactly how to do just that.

You'll Actually Know When You've Met Them 

If you don’t set a finish line, how do you know when the race is won? Having a goal is great, and it’s a lot more than many people can say for themselves. But a goal without a measurable plan is just a dream, and those are a dime a dozen, friend. When you create measurable goals, you give yourself a target to aim at. This helps you narrow your focus, track what’s working to get you there, and know when you’ve arrived. Without a real finish line, it’s easy to settle for whatever your results are. You have no idea whether they’re above or below the mark, and so you accept them and move on--which doesn’t exactly sound like the best standard for success, now does it?

You're More Likely To Reach Them

Setting a measurable goal not only lets you know when you’ve reached it, but it also increases the likelihood that you will. Having a target allows you to create a plan that will put you on pace to hit a certain goal at a certain point in time. This allows you not only to keep your eye on the prize but to monitor your pace, as well. Let’s say your goal is to sell 300 tea towels this Christmas, with a sales plan that kicks off in October. If halfway through November you haven’t hit 150, you know you need to make adjustments to your sales plan in order to stay on track. Having a set, measurable goal lets you know exactly how you need to adjust your aim and tweak your overall approach to make sure you hit your target.

You're Held Accountable

When you have a goal that’s set in stone, it becomes real. It’s no longer just a general desire floating around in the ether. When you say it out loud, write it down, and share it with others, suddenly you’ve brought accountability into the mix. This not only increases the likelihood that you’ll stick by your guns, but it also opens the door to a strategy if you fall short or slip up. Having someone hold you accountable also means having someone there to help you see where you fell short, what didn’t work and what did for a more successful future.

You Feel Like a Badass When you Hit Them

Duh! This one is a no-brainer, but it seems to be worth saying out loud as many people don’t actually make use of measurable goals. Let’s go back to the example of marathoner Eliud Kipchoge. What if when he ran his record-breaking race in Berlin, there had been no finish line? What if somewhere around 26 miles some guy in an orange vest simply waved him down and told him that was it, the race was over, he had gone about 26 miles. Did he break the record? Who knows. Did he achieve the incredible feat he set out to do? Maybe. Hopefully. It sounds like total lunacy, doesn’t it? But people do it every day. And it’s no way to celebrate success. The pain in those 26.2 miles, the blisters, bloody toenails, and acid-filled muscles only became worth it when Eliud Kipchoge put his fists in the air and crossed the finish line, breaking the tape and the world record all at once. It’s the measure that makes for the triumph, the target struck that grants you the chance to pound your chest and feel like a champion.

Your business is no different. It deserves your best effort, and your best effort can only be measured if you’ve set the parameters. Don’t sell yourself short with anything else. What’s one goal you want to achieve? Set a date for when you want it done. Is it six months, a year, a week? Whatever your time frame, break it out into smaller stepping stones with smaller goals attached to each one. This will ensure that you’re staying on track and help you bite off small pieces of a larger aim. Tell someone what you’re doing and hold yourself accountable. You can do this, and setting your measurements is step one.

What’s one business goal you’d like to achieve? Tell us below!

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