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Posted by Gregg Alexander on Feb 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM


For small to medium-sized businesses, having the right tools can mean everything when it comes to their success. When you're running an SMB (small to medium-sized business), there are always more tasks than can be done, more hours required in a day than are realistically available. With business owners facing such an enormous amount of responsibility, the tools they employ become indispensable. Business is a battle, and going in with the wrong tool can be like jumping out of the trenches with no more than a water gun in your hand.

So you do your research, find the tools that come highly recommended, swipe your card, and now what? Some of the most helpful tools in the market often require the most know-how. And these business owners have already dumped a large sum of cash into their purchasing, so it's too late to turn back. But what happens when the tools are so complicated that the average small to medium-sized business owner can't even use the tool itself? Not everyone has the budget for a robust marketing department or experts who have been specially trained and have years of experience who can take over these kinds of tasks. It's a common problem that many face. That's why we couldn't be more excited about the latest additions that one of the most significant marketing tools, HubSpot, has made for its users.


HubSpot Spiffies up it’s App Marketplace

HubSpot has always been a pack leader when it comes to acting a marketing tool that consistently innovates for its users. But never have we seen a platform go to such lengths to make accessibility for all such a focus. Where this becomes most readily evident is the platform's App Marketplace. The past year has brought major changes to the Marketplace through intentional and highly focused innovation on the part of HubSpot. Let's take a look at just a few of the ways that they've made the App Marketplace the space that any business owner can navigate.

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What You’ll Find in HubSpot’s App Marketplace

For starters, the apps that HubSpot has decided to include in the Marketplace alone are game-changers. Major apps that thousands of businesses use daily are now available in the Marketplace and ready to be integrated into your HubSpot platform. Apps like ZoomWordPress, and Slack that SMB owners are using every day can all be connected right to the HubSpot platform. This allows business owners to streamline their operations and run more of their efforts from one location instead of bouncing back and forth between different software platforms. 

HubSpot has even gone so far as to apply algorithms to what apps appear first in the Marketplace presentation based on what kind of business you own. Instead of stumbling into the Marketplace and feeling absolutely lost, seeing a myriad of apps that make you wonder, "Do I need that? What about that?" HubSpot puts the most likely tools in front of you for easy research that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed and unequipped.



Integrating the Apps in HubSpot’s Marketplace is Insanely Easy

Probably the most excellent update HubSpot has made to its App Marketplace that sends it shooting into galaxies far beyond what any other platform aims to do is its ease of integration. Showing you an app you may need is all well and good, but if it takes you a full two days and the ripping out half of your hair to get it installed and working correctly, how much is it really helping you? Most small to medium-sized business owners feel the way about app integration that everyday people feel about things like switching their phone carriers, disconnecting their cable, or having to call their bank's 1-800 number. It's a grueling, mind-numbing task that sucks up your day and puts more important to-dos on the back burner.

HubSpot knows this, and they've taken some seriously impressive action to change that. For a company to list their product in HubSpot's App Marketplace, each application integration is required to include pricing, subscription requirements, and even demo videos. When browsing the marketplace, each app's identification card includes its cost in the bottom right-hand corner. Users can also filter by price, choosing from free, monthly fees, yearly fees, or one-time fees to sort their options. With demo videos ready on hand, users can then take their free or purchased apps and integrate them into their processes with easy step-by-step visual instructions.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that HubSpot is putting its user's experience first in 2020. They seem to understand what the elements of the user's experience on a nitty-gritty level, which enables them to make the kind of change that impacts their customers daily. Hubspot makes their lives better and helps them run their business to the best of their abilities.

What are your favorite changes to HubSpot? If you've only heard of Hubspot but don't know how it can help your marketing go to the next level, PRIME is here for you. Click the button below to let us partner with you in reaching your goals.


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