What Does It Look Like to Work With PRIME and Improve Your Website?

Posted by Ben Fjare on May 12, 2020 3:00:00 PM


We're kicking off a new series talking with PRIME's Principal and Digital Development Director, Ben Fjare. Ben is a professor, digital experience expert, dev-tech influencer, and all-around website guru. In this week's offering, we will learn about all the ways you can keep your website in its fittest form. As a professor, Ben offers tips and tricks that leave you feeling a little more empowered than overwhelmed.

No matter how well versed you are in healthy website practices, it doesn't change the fact that many companies feel overwhelmed by either lack of time or know-how when it comes to carrying them out. If you've ever wondered what it looks like to work with a professional firm, wander no further. Our latest chat with Ben centered around just that—what it looks like to work with a professional developer.




They Stay on Top of Things, so You Don't Have To

If you haven't noticed, so much of maintaining a great website revolves around just that—maintaining it. And in full disclosure, it's time-consuming. Few business owners have the actual time it takes to sit down and devote the many hours it required to keep their website running in tip-top shape. "We can meet monthly and review things to edit and improve, create new features, and closely monitor your traffic," Ben explains.

It also removes any major limitations that come from a lack of know-how. If you're a real estate developer who's just finished a new subdivision and you know having an interactive map on your site increases inquiries, what are you supposed to do? It's no something most people can just whip up. However, if you have a firm like Prime on your team, it's just a simple phone call.




They Create Invaluable Content

There's a reason that the phrase "Content is King" has been broadcast with a bullhorn from every marketing blog on the face of the planet. It's because it's true. Content, or more importantly, fresh content, is like a steroid shot of magic when it comes to your site. 

Fresh content produces a number of invaluable results for you. For starters, it tells Google's algorithm that you're still kicking. A site that sits dead in the water will be read as just that, dead, prompting Google to pass over it when it comes to ranking important sites for your specific SEO.

It also tells your readers you're still around. If someone lands on your site and the time you updated your blog was three years ago, what's the first question they'll ask? Naturally, they'll wonder if you're still around. And having fresh content not only tells them that you're still there, but it also goes a step further in building your business. "Fresh content keeps visitors coming back to your site over and over again," Ben says. They won't keep coming back unless you give them a reason to. One of the best reasons is new content to devour.




They Spend Dedicated Hours to Optimization

Thanks to web builders that have emerged on the scene, even your sweet GamGam can build her own website these days. The past few years especially have brought fine-tuned, easy to use platforms like Wix and Squarespace to help any average Joe put up a site and get things going.
But what if you wanted to do more than just have a little space on the internet?

If you want your site to serve a higher purpose than only showing up when someone Googles your business name, you need to focus on optimization. Optimization is the practice of outfitting your website to meet Google's standards of what makes a "good" site. The better you score, so to speak, the higher you rank on a Google search. This includes several things, from testing your headlines to creating topic clusters on your blog.




They Partner with Your Marketing Team

"One of the most powerful things about hiring a firm like PRIME is their ability to partner with your already existing marketing team." PRIME is here to partner with you so that you are known for what you do best. Think of us as the Watson to your Holmes, the Chewy to your Solo, or the Venus to your Serena. Our dedication and experience combine with your expertise to create an unstoppable approach. We build platforms to influence your brand, tell your story, engage your target market, visually captivate your audience, and amplify your ROI. We help you become more you.

 But even the most capable marketing teams can get left feeling like they're swamped with data. In fact, only 47% of marketers have a completely unified view of customer data sources, indicating that disconnected data is still painting an incomplete picture of customers. Having an ally in their corner for processing website and customer data can help an already good marketing team spin their wheels in the right direction towards great.


If you've been wondering what it's like to work with PRIME, contact us here or click the link below. We're here to help businesses reach their highest level of brand success, and we'd love to help with whatever needs you have.





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