Cowboys and Contractors Need Marketing Too

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Nov 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Across the country, there is a unique class of folks that stand out as anomalies from the digitized masses. They aren't hard to recognize. Often, they're using aging tech or a non-smartphone, they would rather get dirt under their fingernails than be on social media and have little to no idea what a meme is. Often referred to in the marketing world by the kind euphemism of late adopters, this group of hard-working, rarely online folks typically has some of the sparsest resources when it comes to their marketing, design, and demand generation. 

They tend to occupy more trade, agricultural, and specialized skill forms of business, be it guiding, farming, construction, charter services, commercial supply, or more industrial-focused work. For many of these people, they have the "been doing it this way for 30 years, and it's worked well for me" byline, and business typically comes from a real word of mouth route. But, like all good things, the days may be numbered for continuing this way in a world going ever faster and faster toward the interconnection of things. Today we're looking at why every single individual, even these late adopters, can benefit from a strong marketing game.


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Lettering and Illustration: The Return Hand Drawn Design

Posted by Katie Pierce on Nov 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

As long as people have kept written records, they have been using intricate designs to accent their words. The art of beautiful penmanship and decorative letterforms are prevalent in Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese art. It doesn't take a Master Penmen to look at our country's Declaration of Independence or the Constitution to see the unique brilliance of hand-drawn excellence. While ink and quill are not as commonplace today, pen and ink and Apple Pencil and tablet have become the new mediums for that hand-lettered touch.

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The Why, How and What of Minimalist Design

Posted by Katie Pierce on Nov 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Quite often, the objects we encounter every day are laden with history and reason, and we are unaware of it. It's understandable. For starters, we're busy guys and girls. Not to mention, we can't possibly be walking, talking experts on the reason, historical context, and functionality behind everything we touch in our world. To quote an icon, "...ain't nobody got time for that." 

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5 Tools To Help You Execute Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Nov 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

In your day to day list of tasks it's easy to overlook taking the time to learn new tools that will help with your marketing. It's also very easy to get overwhelmed once you do sit down and try to learn. It seems like there are a thousand different tools to help with your social media posts, blogs, and email marketing. How do you know which ones to use? I get it! Your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it clicking around blindly. 

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3 Reasons Why Bozeman Is the Perfect Fit For The Outdoor Industry

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Nov 12, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Living in Bozeman we take for granted the great amenities we have right out our back door. The stories and photos you see in publications like Outside or Powder Magazine truly reflect our lifestyle. We fly fish, backpack, hike, backcountry ski, rock climb, kayak, and so much more. It's truly a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. The last couple of years there has been a buzz about Bozeman being a landing spot for businesses from the outdoor industry and I get it. Why not? Companies like Sitka, Simms Fishing Products, Mystery Ranch, Oboz Footwear, Duckworth, and West Paw Design are proud to call Bozeman home and the mountains around Bozeman their testing ground. This is by far the fastest growing city in Montana boasting an educated population with 57% of residents earning a bachelors degree or higher. It also offers a quality of life that is rarely matched by cities its size. More and more people are choosing the Montana life over the headaches, traffic and busy life of the major markets. Bozeman is ideal for the outdoor industry because of the easy access to incredible recreation, robust airport service and the great people that live here.

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REI Closing for Black Friday is a Genius Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Oct 27, 2015 12:47:51 PM

The holidays are right around the corner and stores have spent months game planning for Black Friday. The usual strategy is to offer a handful of doorbuster deals, generating lines of consumers clamoring to start shopping. This year, there is one outdoor retail store that won't have lines of ravenous consumers, REI. The retailer’s 143 stores will lock their doors and shut off the lights on the biggest shopping day of the year. And instead of reporting to work, the co-op will pay it’s 12,000 employees to do what they love most— enjoy the outdoors.

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