The Importance Of Good Website Design

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In today’s world, a bad web design just can’t be ignored. The internet has been around long enough that there are a million of options out there for users, plenty of which are more than decent. There’s just too much competition a click away for you to afford having a shotty website. But to have good website design, you’ve got to know what it looks like, and sometimes more importantly, what it doesn’t look like.

Make Your Navigation a Breeze

When your navigation is a mess of a maze, you run the risk of frustrating your customers to the point they may just bail altogether. Time is money, and bad navigation equates to time lost. This could mean having way too many pages, information on the wrong pages, or the inability to travel easily from one section of your website to another. For example, getting home should always be an option, no matter what page your user is on. If they have to continuously click the “back” button to get anywhere, you’re doing it wrong. Likewise, your information should be organized and segmented in a way that makes sense to your user. Remember those millions of options we talked about earlier? If it takes too long or too much effort to find what they need on your site, your visitor can just as easily back out and explore other options.

Be a Light in The Void

With the million aforementioned options available, the competition can be pretty stiff. Good website design is a great way to uppercut that competition and get the attention of your potential customers. Not only will a good web design make you stand out, but it will also show off your company’s culture. If your website is outdated, verbosely stuffy, and confusing, it’s likely this is how the user will interpret your company’s culture. In the same vein, when your website is sleek, fresh, and interactive, you’re telling your viewer that your company culture is, too. 

Build Trust With Good Design

With such jumpy customers in today’s world, one of the most important things a company can do is gain their trust. Trust is extremely important to the buyer, whether they’re aware of this or not. The importance of good website design is directly linked to this. When you have a strong web design, you’re telling the customer, “This is a legitimate company. We’re invested in it and we aren’t going anywhere.” Essentially, a good website design lets your potential customer relax, which is where trust can begin to be built. It also tells them you’re with the times and won’t be laborious to work with, like a more outdated company.

When you build a website with good design, your visitors will thank you! What are your tips for good web design? Let us know in the comments below.

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