3 Tools to Help Your Digital Marketing Explode with Infographics

Posted by Jason Johnson on Nov 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when you are trying to quickly show data, putting that info into infographics could be a lot more effective than a spreadsheet. How much more effective? Your audience is 30 times more likely to read and retain visual information.

Using Infograhics in Digital Marketing

Here's a few other points:

1. Users only read 28% of the content on the web. You need to grab their attention and show your data in a clean and precise way - information graphics provide that avenue. (neomam.com)

2. People follow directions over 300% better when there is a combination of text and directions, over text alone. (neomam.com)

3. Infographics get shared across Social Media, then shared and shared again. When was the last time you saw an Excel spreadsheet go viral?

In addition to having your infographic custom designed, here are some resources to explore that both time and cost effective.

1. infogr.am - 3 easy steps!
2. Infographic Journal - 6,600+ examples of awesome infographics.
3. Piktochart - Easy to use - and multiple pricing options.

Think about it, you've just spent quite a bit of time reading, "Why you shouldn't  just be  reading." You should be integrating infographics into your digital marketing.  There's a much better chance that it will not only get noticed, but remembered!

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