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Posted by Alexa Audet on Jun 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Prime Perspectives: Favorite Social Media Accounts

In an effort to share some thoughts about our profession we asked our team at PRIME a few questions about marketing and design and collected their answers. Our team ranges from experts on marketing strategy to graphic designers, so each answer is different. We thought this would be an interesting way to share different perspectives on a variety of topics. Here are our the responses.

question: what are some social media accounts that everyone should follow?




I’m not even going to make anything up. I personally dedicate about 99% of one minute, every other month to social media. I'll leave this one up the kids in the office, as you’re pretty good with it all.




Wow, a social media account that I follow and often laugh about with my friends would have to be Barstool Sports. If you are looking to be entertained, you can’t go wrong with Barstool Sports. These guys don’t hold back and cover a variety of topics beyond sports. These guys post about sports, popular culture, funny internet videos, women, and daily life. They can be a bit vulgar at times, but I find myself laughing out loud while flipping through social media channels.




Ben Fjare ANSWERS:

For Exposure - Because it makes me laugh

Amy Porterfield - Rockstar

Ann Handley - Resource focused





Lena Haines ANSWERS:

NatGeo on Instagram. The pics are awesome and you might even learn something. It's good to keep yourself educated on matters around the world. Also, I'm really concerned about climate change.



Alexa Audet ANSWERS:

I love following hilarious "meme-based" accounts on Instagram. I Insta-message them to all my close girlfriends and we have quite the laugh.

The Basic Bitch Life

Sarcasm Only

On the inspirational side, I love to work out and lift so I follow quite a few women who post new workouts and meal-prep ideas on Instagram. Here are a few that I love:

Karina Elle

The Wellness Rookie




Shane NiederkleiN ANSWERS:

Hank Patterson on everything. Mostly cause he is a hilarious and made fly fishing which is portrayed in a classical light most of the time. He has a good story around it and awesome content which makes it funny and relatable to kids/young adults. Some of my favorite posts are a video he did about Surviving Yellowstone National Park and another where he takes Bait Fishermen Fly Fishing.








Justin Brown ANSWERS:

For me, it's dependent on the current mood or social media medium I'm craving. As tempting as a self-promo would be, I'd have to say a social media account that everyone should follow for nature specific inspiration would be the extremely famous TenTree on Instagram. As for local motivation, I follow both David Janssen and David Wells who are both Montana-based photographers.





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