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Posted by Alexa Audet on May 23, 2017 10:46:21 AM


In an effort to share some thoughts about our profession we asked our team at PRIME a few questions about marketing and design and collected their answers. Our team ranges from experts on marketing strategy to graphic designers, so each answer is different. We thought this would be an interesting way to share different perspectives on a variety of topics. 

These are the responses on creative inspiration.

What Inspires You Creatively?

Jason Johnson Answers:

Not doing creative things and resetting my mind. Being outside, golfing, spending time with the wife and kiddos (when they are in a good mood, of course!)

Gregg Alexander Answers:

Where do I begin? I could name a lot, but I think the biggest thing that inspires me is being around motivated, driven individuals who look at things from a different perspective than myself. I enjoy analyzing the thought process that takes people from point A to point B, from a design side, from a marketing side, from a business side, to a lifestyle side. I work best in a team environment where we can feed off of each other’s creativity and ideas. I really enjoy brainstorming sessions where we all toss out ideas and build concepts through discussion and creative thinking.

Ben Fjare Answers:

Pop songs about lip gloss, reality TV, and memes. Seriously... I try to attend really good conferences that are smaller and have people way smarter than me. That's the stuff really gets me excited to get back to work.

Lena Haines Answers:

Change. Change your space, change your routine, change your style. Change is challenging, and I love a good challenge.

Alexa Audet Answers:

Being challenged to create something new every time I sit down at my desk. 

Shane Niederklein Answers:

I find inspiration in a variety of things like skiing, being outdoors, other artists, Pinterest, people, people watching, or anything in the moment.

Justin Brown Answers:

Constant change is what inspires my creativity. Pushing myself into difficult or unknown situations is where I find myself breaking creative barriers.

In addition to change, teams and teamwork is the other factor that drives my creativity. The ability to collaborate and bounce ideas off team members spurs both highly creative yet realistic ideas.



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