Preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Posted by Joshua Weir on Oct 13, 2020 9:45:00 AM



The long-awaited Prime Day has finally been here – and we’re not just talking about it because our agency shares the name. Typically planned for July, Amazon Prime’s promotional event was postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic placing too much stress on its warehouse and shipping networks. The event has now been announced for October 13th - 14th, kicking off holiday season shopping earlier than ever.

For those who don’t know, Amazon’s Prime Day is an e-commerce sales event in which Prime members can access deals and discounts on participating brands and items. This year, Amazon says members will be able to shop from more than “one million deals across every category.”

This year, there’s tons of speculation about sales projections and how the pandemic, political climate, and state of the economy will affect the success of Prime Day. Certainly, people are doing more of their shopping online right now. But given economic uncertainty and the movement to support small and POC-owned businesses, the sweet, sweet deals may or may not be enough. 

However, Amazon is proactively combatting those issues by placing a bright spotlight on its participating small businesses. If you own or work in a small business that sells its products through Amazon Prime, this may be your year to shine and reap some serious profits. Amazon offers an incentive in which customers who spend $10 on small business products prior to October 12th will receive a $10 credit to spend on Prime Day. They also have an entire web page dedicated to showcasing these businesses by region and category, along with profiles and features on some of them.

For businesses that sell through Amazon Prime, and those that run their own promotions outside of Amazon simultaneously, it’s important to be prepared for the event so that you can make the most of it, make a good impression, and build relationships with customers that will last far beyond Prime Day. Here’s what you need to consider to make sure your business and your e-commerce platform are prepared for this early shopping season.




Get the Word Out

Let people know you’ll be participating through your digital marketing efforts. This should include front-and-center announcements on your website, social media outreach, email marketing, and any other form of advertising that historically works well for you. Just remember that if you don’t sell through Amazon and you’re tagging onto the event with your own promotions, you need to be careful about the messaging you use for legal purposes. For example, you can’t say, “We’re participating in Prime Day with our own deals!” but you can say, “Amazon isn’t the only site with killer deals right now.” 


Stock Up on Popular Products

Be sure you have a plentiful inventory of your most popular products. More orders and more traffic aren’t beneficial if you don’t have sufficient product to sell.


Prepare to Sell Out

Whatever your inventory, have a plan in case a product does go out of stock. Make a waitlist available so that customers can still receive the promotional price and receive the product a bit later. At the very least, prepare messaging to address questions and complaints about out-of-stock items. 




Audit Your Website

Whether you’re selling through Amazon, on your own e-commerce site, or both, you should expect more website traffic than usual. Make sure your website is error-free and at its best. Also, check with your web host to make sure your website is equipped to handle the amount of traffic you’re expecting. A site crash amidst a big sale would be a huge hiccup!


Be Ready to Follow Up

For many businesses, this is a great opportunity to be exposed to new, first-time customers. Don’t let the relationship end with the first transaction. Make sure you have everything you need to continue to nurture those customers. Be prepared to capture their email and send follow-up emails to thank them for making a purchase and, eventually, send them content about other products they might be interested in. 




Use Available Resources

Amazon benefits when participating businesses sell, so they provide many resources to sellers to help them be successful, including articles like this one that explain how to increase your sales. 

Prime Day can be a hectic one. Plan ahead, and you might reap a serious amount of deals as a consumer or a record day of sales as a retailer!



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