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With the introduction of mobile into every corner of our existence, nothing remains untouched by its influence. Business, vacations, family, school, hobbies, and money; we use mobile applications and afford more connections than ever before. One of the early innovators in leaving the walls of a designated space is in mobile stock and securities trading. One's ability to monitor, research, and trade right from their pocket as they go about their day has revolutionized life for the daytrader as well as the casual investor.

Mobile Takes Over

As mobile has grown like a weed into our lives and set down it's tangled roots; it has become clear to businesses across the need to adapt or be left behind. Customers who use mobile for everything have led the reality that merely having a mobile-friendly site just doesn't cut it anymore. Investment companies are no exception. The demand for statistics, analysis, real-time values, and actionable information has required savvy S.a.a.s. needs our of the financial markets. As a result, many companies have created mobile investment and trading apps that let users tap into stocks and other economic interests from the palm of their hand.

Companies like eTradeAllyFidelity, and TD Ameritrade are leading the way with some of the most comprehensive and user-friendly apps on the market. Each one has its pros and cons. You can find apps with different minimums required, various prediction modules, and competitive fee schedules. Be assured you can find the one that is right for you, whether you are a beginner, or have a broader range of expertise.



Features, Features, and More Features...

One of the genuinely unique features comes from TD America's paperMoney, which was developed out of one of the first stock education platforms called Investools. Users can use a simulator to test certain investments before actually putting their money into the market. If you've ever heard the term calculated risk, that's precisely the leverage paperMoney lends you as you grow your trading experience.  

Meanwhile, the Fidelity app uses games and educational tools to teach new investors about their money and how to best invest it. You learn rules and terms, as well as understanding how to utilize off-hours trading in multiple markets. Other apps, like eTrade, let you see how one move will affect your entire investment portfolio before truly committing to a move.



DAY TRADING like the Pros

While the apps make life more convenient for any investor, they're most advantageous for those interested in day trading. The real-time capabilities that mobile apps bring to the table for daytime investors mean they can stay on top of the market at any time, any place. But day trading from your phone doesn't involve having to go it alone. 

You might be making decisions on your commute to work over a cup of coffee. But, thanks to the vast online community of fellow day traders, you're never on your own. Websites like Warrior Trading or Investment Underground are comprised of a like-minded community of day traders who want to help you succeed. 

You can enter online forums to discuss questions and topics in-depth with other investors or give your input to someone searching for an answer. Or, if you're looking for faster data that fits into the nature of day trading, head on over to the instant chat, where live trades, watch lists, market commentary, recaps, and Q&A take place. Through paid memberships, some sites even offer the opportunity to work with an expert in a mentor program. All of these sites are available from your mobile device, helping you make educated decisions quickly enough to be successful in the day trading game.

 Have you ever considered moving your investment portfolio onto your mobile device? Most of us have done it with our banking for many of the same reasons that one might give it some thought. Your money is hard-earned. Knowing what's going on with it at any time you want is a powerful asset to invest in if you haven't yet.

What's your favorite investment app? Let us know why in the comments below!


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