How to Use Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms to Your Advantage

Posted by Jason Johnson on Apr 23, 2019 7:00:00 AM
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Last week we talked at length about how to use your website overall for better lead generation, and today we’re narrowing our sights on one of the best ways to do just that--landing pages and capture forms. They may sound fancy and complicated, but odds are you’ve come in contact with dozens (if not hundreds) of these bad boys, and can utilize them in your own business to better your lead generation.

Think Strategically

Like just about everything you do for your business, your landing pages and lead capture forms should be well thought out and planned strategically. You want to make this as easy as possible for your leads, and that begins by designing with a purpose. Make it abundantly clear when your lead lands on the page what you want them to do and where they need to go or how they need to act. Direct them to the lead capture form while keeping the content short and sweet. You don’t want to drone on for too long and lose them. At the same time, you want to make sure you’re reinforcing the value they’ll be getting when they access whatever is behind your lead capture form. Reinforce the reasons that got the lead there in the first place. Think about the pain points your content is going to solve for them, and be sure to hammer home the benefits of what you’re offering them.

Don’t Get Greedy with Your Forms

Whenever you build your form, it’s important to remember that people don’t want to give their entire life away. Asking for to much in your forms is a quick way to have people hit the back button, giving you a robust bounce rate. Not only will people be a little irked at how much you were willing to ask for, they simply don’t have time for that. Keep it to what you need. We suggest keeping it anywhere from two to four fields, with the concept of the fewer the better in mind. Remember, you can always ask for more later. Consider sticking with first name and email for the get go. Once you’ve built trust and a rapport, people won’t mind giving you other tidbits like their title or business name. And if you’ve been offering them value through your content like we’ve talked about, the law of reciprocity is on your side.

Make Your Call-To-Action Beefy

Once you’ve written your value-centric landing page copy and created your form, it’s time to implement a call-to-action. You want this to be something strong, with language that creates a sense of urgency or exclusivity. This is true across the board when it comes to your calls-to-action, especially when it revolves around lead generation. Terms like “Download” aren’t very inspiring for your lead to act quickly. But “Get it Now,” “Download Today, “Act Now” “Reveal my Freebie,” “Snag It Now,” all create an actual sense of action and urgency to inspire your prospect to enter their information in a trade for your content.  

As equally important as what you say is where you say it. Be sure to put the call to action above the fold (the breaking point at which someone must scroll to continue reading your page), and in plain sight. Essentially, you want them to click the button without even having to think about it first.

Are you currently using landing pages and lead capture forms on your site? If not, ask yourself what kind of content you currently have that you could leverage for an information trade with your leads. If the answer is nothing, what are some quick content pieces you could create for your audience that bring value to their pain points and deliver content worth handing over their personal information for?

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