Feminine Touch in Marketing: Who Runs the World? Girls.

Posted by Alexa Audet on Jun 24, 2016 8:38:32 AM


Is there a woman on your marketing team? If so, you better thank your lucky stars! Woman rule consumer demographics and without that feminine touch in marketing you can say buh-bye to a successful campaign. Not only can we rock jeggings, live longer and smell amazing, we also have the power to decide the fate of your product or service. So why not also trust our approach to marketing? Women are more similar than they are different, and hey, your mom ALWAYS knew best, right? As a female in marketing, I know the secrets to making your campaign successful. Here are five reasons your campaign could use a little female nurturing:

1. Who runs the world? Girls--Literally

If you think your demographic is strictly male, think again. Behind every great man is a woman that is influencing his decisions. Woman account for over 80% of all consumer purchases in the U.S. even though the majority of consumers doing the actual purchasing are male. 

Females are just THAT persuasive, aren't we...

2. Women are going to talk.

Women run in packs and have excellent communication skills. Chicks are going to chat. We are constantly relaying consumer information to each other and unknowingly act as walking advertisements for your company. Word of mouth is where your product/service will go to live or die. It will be in your best interest to keep that giant percentage of the female population on your good side.

3. We aren't superficial idiots.

It doesn’t need to be pink, fluffy or covered in glitter for a female to want to buy it. All a woman really wants is to feel understood and appreciated. Ladies--can I get an AMEN? We can see through the BS and if a company is taking the easy way out in marketing, we will know.

4. Natural caregivers

Women hold the key to several different markets. As the primary caregivers in the household, women buy on behalf of children and the elderly. That means if you win us over--you win too.

5. Rulers of the World Wide Web

Females dominate the digital world of consumerism. What woman doesn’t enjoy online shopping? After all, we account for over half of all online spending. And when we aren’t committing to a product online, 33% are researching information before making a purchase offline. 

Women prove to be an important factor to both sides of the marketing spectrum. Take a good look at your next campaign, if your office isn't saturated in estogen then take to the streets with a poll or create a focus group. Making sure your marketing strategy appeals to women will be the best thing you could do for any campaign. And if you aren't going to believe a female marketer, just remember, Beyoncé is a woman…would you ever say no to her?


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