December Was a Record Month For Prime

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Jan 19, 2016 10:48:32 AM

Western Art & Architecture

While most businesses are winding down at the end of the year, we were busy wrapping up eight website projects that went live in the month of December. At any given time we are probably working on approximately 20 websites, all at different stages in our process. A normal month usually sees 3-4 website launches, but December wasn't a normal month. Here's a breakdown of the new sites that went live in December.

Western Art & Architecture

Western Art & Architecture is a magazine serving the western half of the United States, and is focused on fine art and architecture. This site is designed to feature beautiful photography and navigate much like a magazine. We developed a custom module system allowing the publisher to create unique interfaces for each of the featured articles while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. We also developed a cool interactive map that allows articles to be mapped using the Google Maps API. This site was built on ExpressionEngine and the responsive Bootstrap platform. 

See the Western Art & Architecture site



ASAT stands for All Season All Terrain and is an apparel company that features their own unique camouflage pattern for the hunting industry. This site is another ExpressionEngine build and features an Instagram feed and eCommerce store where users can purchase their products. 

See the ASAT Camo site

BioScience Laboratories

BioScience Laboratories

BioScience Labs is state-of-the-art laboratory that performs clinical evaluations for safety, efficacy and claims support of cosmetics, raw materials, toiletries, personal care, household and dermal OTC's. This was a robust site with large of amount of content that needed to be organized and displayed in an intuitive manner for potential clients and potential study participants. 

See the BioScience site

Pint Pass

Pint Pass

Pint Pass if a fun new start-up that features a mobile app allowing users to keep up on their favorite local breweries and see what beers are currently on-tap. It is a great marketing tool for small breweries to stay connected with beer lovers in their town and around the country. This site was designed by prime and coded to integrate with a custom CMS developed by the Pint Pass team.

See the Pint Pass site

Perservere LLC

Perservere LLC

Persevere LLC is an electrical contractor that services Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. They focus on commercial, residential, pre-construction & design-build systems, and voice/data specialty systems. The site is another ExpressionEngine and Bootstrap build with a custom content management system based designed around the front-end content. 

See the Persevere LLC site

Phenix FO

Phenix Fiber Optics

Phenix FO is a company offering fiber optics equipment. The website is a single scroll site built on the ExpressionEngine platform with Bootstrap allowing the company to mange their content in-house. 

See the Phenix Fiber Optics site

Bar IX Bozeman

Bar IX

Bar IX was a redesign of a site we did years ago from our friends at one of Bozeman's late night hang outs. The site was built on ExpressionEngine content management system and the responsive platform, Bootstrap. 

See the Bar IX site

Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail Design

Rusty Nail Design is an amazing furniture builder located in Montana. His amazing pieces are true works of art and something to behold. This site was designed to show off his great photos of his work while creating an easy way for people to get in touch with him. 

See the Rusty Nail Design site


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