Teresa Keserich

Graphic Designer

Teresa is one of our Graphic Designers at PRIME. She accesses her proficiency in multiple mediums of artistic skill to develop brand and collateral deliverables for her client base. Her ability to employ design empathy, and think about the experience of design, helps her bring fresh perspectives to aging brands. She also is gifted at layout and design space management, in a digital and print environment. Teresa believes that creative efforts take time to do well, and that design and marketing is a team effort, where collaboration is the key to bringing out the best work.

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How Design Builds Relevance for Your Message

Posted by Teresa Keserich on Feb 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Messaging and design are like brownies and ice cream. Sure, each can be good on its own, but when you put the two together, their textures, flavors and temperatures play off each other, offering you a one-way ticket to flavor town. In short, they make each other better.

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Topics: Design Forward Thinking, Graphic and Environmental Design

5 Things You Should Know About Large Format Design

Posted by Teresa Keserich on Dec 15, 2020 11:00:00 AM


As a graphic designer, you will likely be challenged at some point in your career with creating some type of large format design. While “large format” doesn’t have a formal size definition, it’s a design that’s usually viewed from a distance and is, well, large. We’re talking billboards, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, or even custom flooring and walls. Given the massive size of these designs, the stakes are higher; the larger the design, the bigger any mistakes will appear. On top of that, large format printing is expensive. You’ll cringe at having to reprint your work because of an avoidable mishap.

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Topics: Design Forward Thinking, Tips From the Pros, Graphic and Environmental Design

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