7 Things to Get You In The Mood For Design

Posted by Alexa Audet on Jul 20, 2016 8:30:00 AM


I often go back after finishing a project and wonder, what inspired me to do that? I realize that inspiration can often be subconscious and isn't always going to be found in a Google search or on Pinterest. That being said, It’s not always a visual experience; sometimes it can happen because you just feel good. Here are 7 things to get you in the mood…

To design--of course.

Start the day on a positive note.

As a graphic designer, the most exercise you will get at your desk is swiveling back and forth in your chair. AM workouts really wake me up and get me going for the day. After a nice little sweat, I find myself to be more motivated and efficient when designing. Being high on endorphin is usually all I need to get inspired.

For the love of God, don’t starve yourself.

If I'm in the zone while designing, I often forget that this wonderful mind of mine needs fuel. Don't worry, your inspiration won't leave just because you go get food. Your body needs to be properly nourished no matter what you are doing. If you don’t feed the beast, the beast will ultimately make it hard for you to finish your project.

Have a positive interaction.

There is nothing like some good feelings to ignite that creative inspiration. Hold the door for someone, buy a coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru or give someone a nice compliment. I can guarantee that you will never regret extending a little good juju out into the universe.

Try something new.

Inspiration isn't always going to pop up on your Pinterest feed. Sometimes you are going to have to go find it. Don’t like to workout? Hit the gym. Never tried sushi? You are missing out. Never danced in public? Whip you na' na'. It's easy to find things that will get you out of your comfort zone. Who knows, it could be a totally euphoric experience and open the floodgates of inspiration. 

Treat yo’self.

If I’m really struggling to find motivation, I run and get an expensive coffee or something that is high in calories to boost my morale. Sometimes treating yourself to the finer things in life will improve your mood and help you to find that inspiration. If I'm being completely honest, I will also do a little online shopping if it’s an absolute emergency. Working strictly from your computer also has its perks.

Visit an art gallery.

Graphic design is rooted in fine art. I had to take multiple painting, drawing and sculpture classes before even entering the design program in college. Taking it back to the basics often helps inspire me in the digital world of art.

Go through your old work.

In the throes of design it helps to go through some old projects from past years. Eventually, a project will come along that will test your patience and skills. It always helps me to see how far I've come as a designer and regain that confidence in my abilities.


Inspiration comes and goes in mysterious ways for a designer. I have my inspiration-wrangling methods but It's always comforting to know that, eventually, the project gets finished, clients are happy and you have new kick-ass designs under your belt.

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