5 Types of Content You Should Be Using to Promote Your Business

Posted by Meg Sepulveda on Feb 28, 2019 10:08:00 AM
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Hearing the word “content” and only thinking of words on a page is like hearing “ice cream” and only thinking of vanilla. There are so many other forms it can come in, and all are equally important for your business and delectable to your audience. You should be using many different types of content other than just words on a page to engage with them and promote your business. Each will serve you a little differently and appeal to your audience in different ways and for varying reasons. Today, we’re looking at some of your content options, how to implement them into your business, and why your audience is drawn to each. Let’s get started.

Content as Video 

There’s always something trending in the marketing world, and video has been at the top of the list for a few years in a row. Today, you can find video taking the place of a hero image on a website, embedded in an email, on Instagram, on blogs, and the list goes on. That’s because the busier people get, the better video is for their lifestyle. Better to watch a two-minute video describing everything there is to know about a product, or a tutorial on how to use software, than half an hour reading the manual.

Video is also great for showing your product in real time. Stores like Asos were one of the early adopters for this brilliant video trend, showing each article of clothing they sold on a model. As she poses in different angles with a blasé expression, potential buyers get to see exactly what their desired piece looks like when being worn.

Not to mention video’s conversion numbers are ones that can’t be ignored. When embedded in an email, they dramatically boost your click-through rates. Not to mention that those who watch a video are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. We have a sneaky suspicion you’d take that kind of increase in likelihood just about any day, are we right?

Content as a Photo

Another “content qualifier” is the photo route. Now, this isn’t to say you have to choose between photos or videos. This does not have to be an either/or situation. Photos showcase your products in ways that a video sometimes can’t, capturing small details or a specific look and style you want to isolate. This is where you get lots of room to be creative and showcase your brand. Creating a consistent and unique photography style helps people identify your brand and see you as a professional to be trusted. You don’t have to have fancy equipment or a ton of training to make this work for you. Apps like VSCO and Instagram are easy enough for your Gam-Gam to use and can turn a mediocre smartphone photo into a professional looking shot. 

Content as a Blog

Just in case we haven’t made it clear in our one billion other posts about this, your business should have a blog. They are a goldmine of opportunity for your business, and with the right tips, literally anyone can write a blog, from your 8-year-old nephew to your 80-year-old neighbor.

For starters, blogs give you a platform to talk directly with your customers. From the topics you choose to cover to the comments you respond to, writing a blog allows you to address your customers concerns and questions directly. It opens the door to the kind of relationships that keep your ideal customers coming back again and again, hopefully with some new friends each time.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ve got an arsenal of SEO practices for your site. The same applies to your blog. This platform is just one more opportunity to focus on keywords and topics your customers are searching for. The blog creates a natural space for you to hit these buckets individually with the kind of SEO focus that bumps your ratings. As always, make sure you’re checking up on your SEO every few months to keep it fresh and working.

Content as an Infographic

Sometimes your reader will be in the mood for a deep dive on content. Often it depends on your subject matter. If you’re wanting to learn everything there is to know about keyword research from scratch, are you going to be more drawn to a 400-word blog post or an ebook? However, sometimes your reader just needs a brief overview. Life is busy man, sometimes you just need to give people the high points.

The best way for doing that is an infographic. They’re great ways to pack a lot of information into bite-size visuals your reader can and will consume. To do this well, your infographic shouldn’t be overly cluttered, and the reader’s path should be clearly laid out before them. Like photos, infographics are a great chance to flex your creative muscle. Take advantage of this form of content to show off your brand personality and have a little extra fun connecting with your audience.

Content as a Content Offer

Remember a whole ten seconds ago when we brought up the ebook on keyword research? That is a perfect illustration of what a content offer is. Usually something a little more dense or detailed, content offers are are an excellent format for offering value to your consumers. They often take the shape of ebooks, white papers, how-to guides, cheat sheets, etc. These types of offers are fabulous for capturing leads, as most are typically only accessible through forms that require users to enter their information. They also give you the opportunity to set yourself as an expert in your field. Creating white papers, ebooks, and more establishes you as a thought leader and invokes trust from your readers.

So, how many forms of content are you currently using? Just one? Maybe two? If you’re not hitting more than a few of these content variations, it might be time to sit down and create a strategy for repurposing the content you do have into multiple formats that your readers want to see.

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