3 Questions Ask When Courting a Marketing Agency

Posted by Jason Johnson on Mar 12, 2019 10:13:00 AM
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Hiring a Marketing Agency

As an agency ourselves, we’re the first to understand that picking a marketing agency to help your business is a massive decision, from the finances, to trusting someone to love your baby as much as you do. There are tons of marketing firms out there, some bad, some good, some great but maybe not a great fit for you. Finding the agency that’s right for you is a little like dating, to be honest.

When you first meet someone, you’re curious about their history, their habits, and their goals. And, as we have confirmed in the 10 years of agency success, there are a few facts that will reveal to you if this person in front of you will be a good partner or not. So, let’s take a look at the three major questions you need to ask when courting your marketing agency.

How Has Your Agency Changed in the Last 5 Years?

This one speaks volumes; and often this one answer can reveal whether or not you should stick or run for the hills screaming. If their answer lands somewhere in the “not very much” arena, it’s time to head for the parking lot. One of the most complex things about the marketing world is how often things are changing. Unlike many industries who see shifts every 10 to 20 years, marketing strategy often changes yearly, sometimes monthly. New technology, algorithms, and general trends are constantly affecting how we do our job. An agency who doesn’t have much to say here is like a prospective mate who still sports frosted tips and puka shells. It may be time to look for something a little more contemporary.


On average, how long do you have a client?

If you think the question, “How long was your last relationship?” is telling, just imagine asking for their overall average. This question tells you about the level of commitment most clients are willing to give the agency you’re examining. If you get an underwhelming answer, it raises immediate red flags. Then you have to ask yourself, (or if you’re feeling bold enough, them), why so many clients are packing their bags and walking out. Whether it’s a lack of results, poor communication, bad time management or anything in between, your dollars are precious, and you don’t want to be finding out the hard way.


What is unique about your agency?

It’s no secret that there are a million and one marketing agencies out there to choose from. It's also not hard to see with the amount of good work out there, that many of those agencies are great agencies. Specializing in certain caveats of business might be a distinction that leads your choice. You may be looking for social influencers or online personalities, while others are looking for demand generation and lead development. Whatever you may need, you need to find an agency that brings that certain spark to achieving your goals.

You should be asking those questions of distinction: What in particular is unique about this one agency? What makes them better than their competitors? What makes them special to you? Do you have a real chemistry? It’s an important question. Because if they don’t have an answer, you’ve essentially got yours.

Interested in what makes Prime special? We’d love to tell you! If you’re shopping around for a marketing agency, give us a call to see how we can help.


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