12 Blog Titles, If Santa Wrote Blogs

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Dec 23, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Santa's BlogIn the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas we thought, it would be fun to come up with 12 blog titles that you might find if Santa had his own blog. I mean this guy visits every house in the world in one night, owns reindeer, loves cookies, and gets to reign down judgment on every person on the planet. He has to have some good stories, right? So here is our crack at the 12 Days of Santa's Blog. Enjoy!

The 12 Days of Santa's Blog

1)   Top Ten Ways To make The Naughty List

2)   Why Naming Reindeer Is Crucial To Christmas

3)   Santa's Cookie Bracket, And The Winner Is...

4)   Why Mall Santas Are At Risk Of Ruining Christmas

5)   Santa's Annual Checklist To Tune Up The Sleigh

6)   WTF Is Yuletide?

7)   3 Christmas Songs That You Need To Stop Playing Right Now

8)   A curated Collection Of Santa Selfies

9)   100 Ways To Burn Off All Those Christmas Treats

10)   10 Celebrities That Will Be Receiving Lumps Of Coal This Year

11)   3 Steps To Living Comfortably And Only Working One Day A Year

12)   101 Uses For Reindeer Poop

Although I don't picture Santa sitting down at a computer, I do think he'd have a great blog. I picture Santa hand writing his blogs on a scroll and then giving them to an elf to type them up. 

We at Prime, would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2016. 

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