11 Benefits of Content Marketing

Posted by Lena Haines on Mar 31, 2016 8:00:00 AM
 In our increasingly digital world, content marketing is the easiest way to grow your audience across multiple channels without spending a ton of money. The sales process just doesn't work the way it used to. The idea of content marketing, is that by creating high value content that is targeted at your ideal customer, potential customers will find you rather than you searching out potential customers

The number one reason is the only reason you need, but please, read on...

1. Make money more efficiently.

Content marketing is the most cost effective marketing strategy any business could use. Its about utilizing your existing man power (or woman power!) and their knowledge to create content that attracts potential sales. And better sales at that. You don't have to buy advertising space, you just have to create content that your customers will find useful. You will reach more people and spend less money doing it. Quality sales on a shorter timeline=mo' money!

2. Defy search engine rankings.

When you're generating quality content on your website search engines notice, customers notice, your mom notices. If your content is tailored around long tail key words your customers are searching for, chances are that content that gets you higher organic traffic numbers and better SEO rankings. 

3. Get into a trusting relationship with your customer.

One of the best ways to make a sale is to have a trusting relationship with your customer. That's  not always possible but if you're honest about your experiences, expertise and questions about your industry, customers will see that you're actually a human they can relate too. It makes your company more approachable to new customers and builds the foundation for future sales. Hey, if people can find love on the internet they can build a personal relationship with your brand. 

4. Beef up your site content. 

More time spent on your site means more time to engage with your customer.  They get to know you better, they build trust and that leads to higher conversion rates. Generating great content for users to browse is another extension of building that "personal" relationship with your audience. 

5. Get more social media traffic. 

When you push your content through social media more customers are going to engage with it. That increases the likelihood of them sharing that content with their friends and followers so you're going to increase your own following and traffic on social media. More social media traffic gives you yet another way to engage with potential leads, build that brand loyalty and express your unique point of view.  

6. Increase your sales potential.

Customers are already looking for you and when you're creating content that they find useful at every stage of the buying process you get the chance to engage them, help them, and ideally, sell your products. If done right, you've already built a trustworthy relationship with them at the buying stage, increasing the odds that they are going to close that sale. 

7. Grow your customer base.

I've said it in this blog already, but I'm going to tell you again. When you create useful, educational and entertaining content you will end up with customers you didn't even know were looking for you. Follow ups and continual quality content generation will help you nuture your customers and see continual growth.

8. Become the authority in your industry. 

Buyers do their research these days. They read blogs, browse reviews, ask friends and find you on social media long before they are ready to commit to buying a product. Creating quality content that helps, educates, or entertains your audience gains you immense respect among potential customers--so much so that your voice could influence their future buying decsions. 

9. Create loyal customers.

Utilizing the unique voice of your business will naturally give you an edge above the competition. Customers will identify with it and feel much more connected with you when they are ready to make a purchase. Back that up with your established authority in the industry and continual nurturing of that relationship and you're bound to create a loyal customer for life. 

10. Be the fly on the wall for your own brand.

When you're pushing your content through different social channels you get the chance to see comments, shares and landing page activity. You can see what your customers really think about your brand and tailor your content specifically for them.

11. Attract the quality customers you've been looking for. 

If customers are finding you, its because you have offered a solution to one of their problems. Good content marketing attracts those quality customers and reflects the traits they wish to see in your industry. Long gone are the days of spending money to try and get their attention, they are already coming to you with an interest in your product or service. 



To me, content marketing seems to be the obvious solution for any brand exisiting in our digital world. Its proven to be the best way for companies large and small to grow their audience and put their products and services in people's hands without spending gads of money.  If one of those 11 reasons doesn't  reasonate with you, here are a few more links to explore. 

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