What Does Your Brand Represent?

A Checklist to Help You Understand
Your Credit Union Brand

Credit Union BrandsA brand is much more than a logo. It is your company culture, it is how you are perceived in the community, it is how you communicate with your membership, and drives how you establish goals, and more. Defining your brand will help give you direction in your marketing and even your day-to-day operation. People are drawn to brands that they recognize and relate to.

Before you dive into your next major marketing campaign, take a step back and make sure you understand your credit union's brand. What should your brand represent? Is this currently cohesive with your marketing messaging? Does everyone at your credit union understand your brand and what it stands for?

This checklist will help you define your brand and help get your staff on the same page when it comes to communicating about your credit union.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Logo Evaluation
  • Identifying What Makes Your CU Unique
  • Defining Goals
  • Determining Your Value to Members
  • Identifying a Target Demographic
  • Finding Your Awesomesauce

A wise man once said, "know thy self" and this is relevant to your credit union. Before you can attract new business, everyone is your organization need to know why consumers should choose you!