Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Get the Job Done

Posted by Alexa Audet on Nov 30, 2018 8:07:00 AM


There are lots of forms of marketing out there, and the reality is, they’re not all created equal. While each type has its time and place, some forms are more dated than others. Queue: traditional marketing. This is your father’s marketing, and his father before him. Marketing methods like door-to-door mailers, radio spots, and television commercials would all fall into this time capsule of a bucket. But we’re not the type to rail on something without reason. Traditional marketing just doesn’t offer your business the absolute best of the marketing world, which is exactly what we want for your business. Here are just a few reasons why traditional marketing ought to be history when it comes to your marketing strategy. 

1. It's Tough To Properly Segment and Target Your Audience

When it comes to your marketing strategy, one of the first steps towards success is target marketing. This is when you reach a specific group of people with a very targeted, focused message. You may even break that target market out into separate segments, allowing you to vary your message from segment to segment, depending on how they interact with your product. When you use traditional marketing, you’re putting your message on blast. That may seem like a good thing, but mostly it’s a waste of time and energy. It means your message needs to be general enough for mass appeal and is reaching a large portion of folks that simply aren’t your ideal client. 

2. No One Trusts Sales People and Advertisements Anymore

Today’s buyer is extra skittish. So skittish that 88% of them research a product online before they buy in-store. This is especially true of America’s favorite generation to talk about, the Millennials. The reality is that Millennials are the largest generation (i.e. most of your buyers), eclipsing the Boomers and making up almost a quarter of the population. This is the generation that emerged into the workforce in the midst of the recession, and they have learned to be careful with where they spend their dollar. They tend to be less trusting of what they deem establishments, and salespeople and advertisements fit that bill. And if most of them are doing research on their own, they’re not reliant on the “sales expert” or advertisement to educate them. This means that your flyers stuffed in their mailbox and your radio ads are things they throw away and change the dial on. 

3. People Want To Have a Conversation Rather Than Be Sold To

In the same vein, this means the way you sell to them needs to be different as well. They can sniff out a sales pitch from a mile away, and even if they need the product, you better believe they’ll go somewhere else. They’re educating themselves on your product--that means they consider themselves knowledgeable, and a sales pitch is almost an insult. Instead, have a real conversation with them. This is more difficult to do on traditional marketing channels than it is via email or social media.  

4. Traditional Marketing Is Intrusive 

The digital age is all about choice. For better or worse, we have endless access to options and information in our pockets at all times. You know people are inundated, that’s nothing new. But what that means is that people have got to be selective about what they allow into their space, or they might blow a fuse. When you hit someone with traditional marketing, you completely disregard this need, and the knee-jerk reaction of the recipient is immediate satisfaction. With digital marketing, you have the chance to gain their permission first. Not only is your presence inoffensive, the likelihood that you’re speaking to the right audience increases, as they have opted to participate. 

5. It's Near Impossible to Measure ROI 

Although this is last on our list, it might be the strongest reason to opt for digital over traditional marketing. When you take the route of traditional, you make it dang near impossible to measure your results. As we’ve already discussed, setting measurable goals is crucial for your success. Unless you’re asking every client who makes a purchase with you how they heard about your business, you have no way of knowing the success rate of your traditional marketing. What percentage of people bought online because of your mailer? You don’t know. What percentage of people came to your pop-up because of your radio ad? Who could say? Marketing is money, and if you can’t measure your investment, it doesn’t sound like one you ought to be making. Digital marketing gives you the ability to track a whole host of different metrics to give you insights into the many layers of your marketing campaigns.

Have more questions about SEO? Want to make an argument for traditional marketing? Let us know in the comments!

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