Why Snapchat Marketing Is The Next Big Thing In the Outdoor Industry

Posted by Alli Sisson on May 13, 2016 9:09:42 AM

Why Snapchat Marketing Is The Next Big Thing In The Outdoor Industry

Snapchat has quickly integrated itself into our daily lives. It has spread like wildfire to all kinds of industries and different parts of the world. It's no surprise that this content sharing app has created a huge trend for both individuals and business owners. In this article, I detail the key elements of Snapchat marketing in addition to practical business applications.

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The importance of brand authenticity has continually been increasing in the eyes of the consumer. They want to see the real deal and what brands are doing behind their cameras or websites. For this, businesses increase their transparency through social media.

One example is through sharing current business successes or experiences. We have done blog posts that have received great responses. We found success when we illustrated why December Was a Record Month For Prime and 5 Digital Marketing Lessons I've Learned Over The Past 5 Years.

Another way for your business to open up and become more transparent is through sharing your company culture. This could come in the form of pictures or videos from athletes in the field, activities at the office, interesting profiles of employees, or fun things that employees do outside of work.

All of these reasons give your business not just a name, but a personality. The goal is to show your audience that your business is made up of real people with real passions similar to theirs. The essence of authenticity can be perfectly captured through Snapchat marketing. It provides your audience with limited-time content or a behind the scenes type of feeling through each unedited and unfiltered snap. Your customers, especially millennials, will find this content  both individulized and meaningful.


In short, geofilters give Snapchatters a filter, only in a specific area, that overlaps part of their snap for creative and engagement purposes. An example of successful engagement using geofilter was from Blue Fountain Media in the discussion Should Your Small Business Create a Snapchat Geofilter? This can also apply to the outdoor industry in several ways.

  1. Geofilters can help small or unknown outdoor shops that are postioned in high traffic areas be found by a creative geofilter.
  2. A geofilter can be made for promotional purposes. A filter showing discounts can entice potential customers that are already in the area.
  3. These geofilters can reach more than just the people in that area. Pictures are taken, filters are used, and those images are then sent to friends typically outside of the area.
  4. Increased attention towards your customers. By creating an additional feature on a popular and trending app, this shows your audience that you are committed and care about what they are interested in, which is Snapchat.

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Business Purposes

One of the main reasons to use Snapchat from a business perspective is to connect and interact with your customers through the trends and interests of your target demographic. Most, if not all of your content should be focused on bringing creative or exciting news and information to your customers. While this may not translate with direct sales, Snapchat may either convince your potential customers to buy your product or at least keeps your business (or your business's personality) active in the minds of potential customers when they do want to buy. With a rapidly growing audience, Snapchat is a great tool to provide content that reaches and connects to your specific target demographic.

Another reason to use Snapchat from a business perspective is through the seldom promotions or ads. You can either create and use a geofilter or even just send out a text to all followers. An example could read "Free t-shirt to the first five customers who come to the store and mention Snapchat!" These events have the potential to drive traffic and influence sales to your business.


Overall, Snapchat marketing can and should be used by all companies - large or small. It provides your target customers a quick glimpse into the current, unedited state of your company. This transparency can translate into a higher customer following and interaction with your business. That's why I consider Snapchat to be the next big thing in the outdoor industry.

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