Using Pinterest For Your Inbound Strategy

Posted by Alli Sisson on Mar 5, 2019 11:03:00 AM


Pinterest isn’t just for mom’s looking to plan crock-pot recipes anymore. I mean, if you are a mom looking for crock-pot recipes I would recommend Pinterest. And if you’re a company looking to sell crock-pot recipes to mothers, I would also recommend Pinterest. But anymore, Pinterest is so much more than just those crock-pot recipes. 

Pinterest appears to be a social media network flying under the radar, but not for long. Everyone knows about advertising on Google Adwords, and how Facebook advertising is so effective. Even more people know how awesome Instagram is  for engagement, and that Twitter is a great way to talk to your audience. All those things are true, but did you know that almost 93% of Pinners on Pinterest use the platform to make purchases? That’s some audience purchasing power if you ask me. Some other notable statistics are:

  • 68% of Pinners are females ages 25-40 and of that audience, males make up 40% of all new sign ups
  • Pinterest has some 200 million monthly users
  • Pinterest has the highest density of adult users, and adults who make money (compared to other social media networks); up to 10% of Pinterest users make over $125k/year.

So here are the Pinterest basics: Pinners create a profile with boards based on interests they have, whether that be fashion, design, wedding planning, or crockpot recipes. Pinners can then “pin” various pins on the Pinterest platform to these boards or from the internet as they browse. Usually these pins link directly back to their site, offering a great referral source for your website traffic.

So you know the basics, but why will it benefit your business? Well your dollars spent on using pinterest for your business are actually a pretty good investment considering pins have a “half life” of 151,200 minutes, versus Twitter at 24 minutes and Facebook at 90 minutes. Not to mention if you’re curating great content for pinterest you’re putting your content right in front of an audience that is ready to buy. So here are some pinterest best practices for you to use in your business:

    • Use Rich pins - these are pins that can be categorized as an article, app, place, recipe, movie, or product. Once you get your metadata all set up to help create Rich Pins for your business, these rich pins enhance your strategy by providing details like descriptions, prices, availability etc. It helps your search ability on pinterest when your audience is looking for you by keyword and it also cuts down on time so that once you pin your pin, all that information is populated. Pretty neat, right?
    • Use your words! - Keywords that is. Make sure your boards and pins all have descriptions using your targeted keywords. Again this makes you easier to find by potential pinners, helps your SEO and makes your pins look legit
    • Use Pretty Images, Infographics, or Callouts - Pinterest is a visually based social network. Typically lifestyle images are more successful at being repinned than regular product images so make sure your images look nice and represent your product or offering well. You can use multiple images in a grid structure or infographics that illustrate points in an article. We’ve included some images below to show you what we’re talking about.
  • Pin often, Comment on other posts, and repin posts - The best thing you can do to make sure people know you exist is being active on the network. Show your audience that you’re engaged and interacting with what they are doing. This will help bring attention to your boards and get those coveted repins.
  • Promote those Rich Pins - like it was said before your pins have a long life on the pinterest network. Much like facebook ads or twitter ads you can pinpoint a targeted audience and choose your budget. Using your rich pins with pretty photography help those searching for you, find you!  

If you’re just starting to build your social strategy or have been at it for a while, Pinterest is definitely worth including. When creating your social media marketing strategy we encourage you to be flexible and willing to try all kinds of avenues. It’s possible that your audience will be more willing to engage with your content on one platform over the other, but you should definitely give Pinterest a try!

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