The Real Way To Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Posted by Alli Sisson on Nov 2, 2018 11:05:00 AM

Social media has come a long way, you guys. From your first friend Tom to Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room, to an entire network in your back pocket, social media has been morphing through the years. It’s no longer just the place where teenyboppers post their best duck-faced selfies. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still a lot of that out there, a lot. And yet, social media campaigns have become one of the best weapons for any company looking to get ahead. Let’s dive in and discuss three ways you can tap the benefits of social media marketing, no matter your business. First and foremost, it allows you to...


Strong the Rock

Social media is one of the strongest places to shape your brand for your audience. It is the opportunity to have a consistent voice, look, and style. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow customers to hear a synchronized message from you multiple times a day, while spaces like Instagram help you create a digital brand portfolio. You can achieve this by:

  • Posting Consistently

Posting on the reg grants consistency to your brand. When you post once every three months, your message and look are likely to feel scattered (not to mention forgotten). However, if you’re posting a few times a week in a consistent style, you hammer out a recognizable brand your clients can identify with ease. This consistency creates a strong identity and evokes feelings of trust and reliability in your audience. To do this successfully and not just willy-nilly, you need a well-defined social media marketing strategy. How often you’ll post, themes you want to stick to, a color scheme, keyword research, and an archive of visual content are all key elements to a well-planned social media strategy approach.

  • Associating With Ideal Customers

Social media marketing allows you to have a voice. You can communicate your values through your subject matter, both written and visual. When you do this, you attract like-minded users who believe in what your brand represents. These lovely folks are what we like to call your ideal customers. They are the ones who interact with you because they see what your brand represents in themselves. But they can’t find you if your brand identity is foggy. There’s no major “aha!” feeling when they land on your profile if your identity isn’t cohesive enough to immediately resonate with their values. By continuously illustrating the same values and seeking out those who share them, you begin to build a vital community.


george michael listening

Social media completely changed the business game by giving customers the ability to directly access companies, and vise versa. Unhappy that your brand new Nikes are falling apart? Tweet them and they’ll send you a new pair. Have an issue with your healthcare provider denying your disabled child coverage? Get an army of people to share it on social until you get a call from its Vice President. These are just a few real-world examples that illustrate just how powerfully connected companies and their end users are to one another. To make the most out audience exposure, you can:

  • Hold a Two-Way Conversation With Your Audience

Platforms allow you to chat with your customers with the same ease as texting your mom. You can banter back and forth, problem solve, and answer critical questions. Platforms like Instagram even give access to handy tools like polls and questions. Data collection no longer has to happen over a week-long period through an email campaign. Want to know which of your two new designs you should put in your company store? Ask users on Instagram and have an answer before lunch. Live videos also give users the opportunity to ask you questions and have you answer them in real time through video feed with examples and visuals at your disposal.

  • Listen to What They're Asking For

You may have noticed that most of the examples in number one are a lot more about listening than talking. A good communicator is better defined as a good listener, and social media gives you the opportunity to be a great one. Social platforms make you a regular Sherlock Holmes, giving you the ability to identify patterns in what your customers are asking of you, taking the mystery out of what they want. If once a day you get a message asking when your app will be available for Samsung users, you can recognize the demand for a product. If your social media followers are often asking for clarification about the same element of your work, you can identify a part of your process that obviously needs a better explanation. If you post a product and have lots of users asking if you’ll be offering a specific know what to do by now. Social media is a live sounding board for businesses. If you’re not capitalizing on it, you’re denying yourself the golden ticket.

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ace ventura spying

There’s not much unearthing to this one; it’s pretty straightforward. Just like your customers, your competitors are on social media and they’re putting it all out there. You can even use certain social media platforms like Twitter to create separate lists, including a list of competitors you’d like to keep tabs on. If you want to see what markets they’re tapping, conferences they’re attending, products they’re sourcing (or a million other tidbits), just head over to their social profiles. Now, it’s important to note: keeping an eye on the competition and wallowing in comparison are two different things. Be careful which you spend your time with. One is constructive and empowers your business, the other is toxic. Do your recon, take your insights, and apply them to your business to propel it forward.

In today’s world, not having a well thought out social media marketing strategy isn’t just unfortunate, it’s harmful. A lacking social presence in a world that’s gone digital can cause potential customers to question how up-to-date and comprehensive your services are. The more social media is integrated into our everyday lives, the more imperative it is your business be in the social mix.

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