The Most Clickable CTAs We've Ever Seen

Posted by Jason Johnson on Nov 26, 2018 7:50:00 AM
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If you have ever done any digital marketing you know how valuable a good call-to-action (CTA) is. Let's face it, if you've been on the internet you've probably experienced how valuable a good CTA can be, even if you didn't know what a CTA was. CTAs are those cleverly designed buttons that get you to click through and do something. The objective of a well designed CTA is to capture leads, and there isn't just one way to make this happen. So we took a look around the internet to pull together examples of the most clickable CTAs out there.



The Home Page Offer

HubSpot is a site we frequent as HubSpot Agency Partners. HubSpot always does a good job of having a very attractive CTA on their home page. Their first priority is to get users signed up which reflects their priority in placing the "Get HubSpot Free" CTA right at the top of the homepage. There's no beating around the bush here, they get right to it.





The Home Page Sign-Up

Very similar to HubSpot's homepage CTA, Instagram's version is right on the homepage. This makes a little more sense because Instagram is a social media platform that is mainly used on mobile devices. So there isn't really anything to do on Instagram other than sign up so you can start seeing images and videos. The CTA is straightforward, "Sign up to see photos and videos from your friends." That is your only option on this home page. 




Social Media Examiner

The Full Page Content Offer Pop-Up

Another way to really grab visitors attention is a full page pop-up that takes over the entire screen. You can't miss this CTA. You are forced to take action instead of just being enticed to take action. You either have to click to download the content offer or click "No Thanks" to close the window. This strategy can be interruptive for some visitors, so it is good to measure the impact this type of CTA has on traffic patterns. 





Springfield Armory

The One Field Email Subscription Pop-Up

Similar to the previous example, this pop-up forces you to take an action by either providing your email and signing up, or closing the pop-up window to get rid of the CTA. This is a little less intrusive because they are only asking for one piece of information, an email address, but again this strategy is interruptive in nature. For something simple like an email subscription, this may be very effective. 







A less aggressive approach is the bottom pop-up. This strategy is still attention-grabbing but doesn't require the visitor to do anything. They can literally just ignore this CTA and keep navigating around the website. In fact, this pop-up even minimizes itself after a little while. It's a simple little reminder that says, "hey we are here with more information if you need us."





Bell's Brewery

The "Are You Old Enough to Buy Beer" Pop-Up

As someone who enjoys a finely crafted barley & hops beverage, I had to toss this in here. This CTA doesn't provide any lead capture value, other than requiring the visitor to input their birthday. I just had to add this one in here because I like to drink beer, and Bell's Brewery is located in Southwest Michigan where I grew up. Cheers!


Age verification pop up at Bell's Brewery




The Personified CTA

So far we've seen CTAs that include graphics and text, even some with images of books that lead you to believe you are downloading a large wealth of knowledge. This CTA from Proposify is a bit different because it uses the image of a person, a somewhat trustworthy looking person, to make you feel comfortable about providing your contact information to sign up. Personifying an offer brings in that personal connection and increases the viewer's comfort level because they feel like they are dealing with real people instead of a digital machine designed to spew out leads for the business. It's a humanized CTA and is a good change of pace for a CTA strategy.






The Simple Is Better CTA

I came across Wrike's CTAs while doing my research for this blog and had to check out their website. When I got there, I was impressed by the simplicity of the action. "Start Free Trial" That's it. That's the whole home page. The only information they ask for is your email. I think the simplicity of this approach is key and keeps the ask at an easy yes.






The You're Doing It Wrong CTA

Another QuickSprout CTA that I came across was this blunt question. SEO is such a mystery to so many that this CTA plays on the visitor's insecurities with SEO. How do you know if you are doing SEO right? What is SEO? Am I missing something with my SEO? Aren't you curious now? Both CTAs from QuickSprout are different than the standard name and email address that come with most CTAs. The messaging is different and the approach is different. I have to believe they are just flush with leads, simply by being different. These would be fun strategies to test. 


QuickSprout lead capture CTA


As you can see there are a lot of different approaches to CTAs. Which CTA is right for you? We don't have a silver bullet for every client, but we do understand the systems for testing CTAs and finding the right fit. If you are interested in getting some help with your CTAs and lead capture to reach out to us to see how we can help your business.


New call-to-action


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