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Posted by Ben Fjare on Mar 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM



We've changed a lot here at Prime in the last few months.  New staff, new systems, new awesome clients, new energy and new ideas.  The only thing that hasn't changed is my desire to become better in everything we do with our web team; being more efficient, creating even more engaging web interfaces, giving clients a pert near perfect content management experience and having a hell of a time doing it are all goals of mine for 2016.

These are the things that came to my mind when Gregg asked me to write a blog about my philosophy on the websites we create, but those pale in comparison to two things that I want everyone at Prime and our clients to think about. This is the year of the end user and conversions at Prime.

End Users

I wrote a short but clear blog post earlier in the year called Stop Talking About Your Self.  This post was about one thing and one thing only.  Your clients don't want to hear about you. They don't care... They want to know what you can do for them.  No longer are we going to list endless paragraphs about the company history, show pages with tons of service listings on them, or wax on about what the company's abilities are.  These aren't what people want, they want to know how you can solve their problem.

Using interfaces that help answer questions, establish credibility, and showcase expertise is the name of the game for us this year.  Instead of "Our Work" pages we'll have "What's Your Need" then showcase content relevant to that need.  These are the thoughts that are going to take us to the web to the next level and really improve the experience for our client's end user.


Showing content is great, people being engaged is even better, but what many sites are missing is a way to easily convert those engaged visitors.  We are going to create awesome ways to engage and create conversions on our sites in 2016. This doesn't mean every page is going to have a form pop up yelling "GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL NOW," but creating an interactive helpful experience that makes you want to give your information.  Helpful calculators, white papers, resource documents, automated consultations, and good old fashion "Let's chat," messages are the ways to every potential customer's heart. 

This comes down to "Give something to get something," and we will push our customers hard to give something to the people they are trying to reach.  It's simple but it is already proving effective.

These are just  examples are just a part of the equation, but this is the first step for us and everyone to take their websites to the next level.  No longer are we going to place text and images on a page and call it good. Websites are no longer brochures, but tools for business to gain credibility and trust for their users. This is just the beginning but it's a damn good start.

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