So You Have A Brand Positioning Statement-Now What?

Posted by Lena Haines on Jul 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM

If you're reading this blog its probably because you already have a brand positioning statement. If you don't, I suggest you go read this blog and download our worksheet, then come back! The rest of you have worked really hard on this brand positioning statement. You've figured out what your differentiating factor is, the benefits to your target market and the platform for how you want your audience to view you. So what do you do with it now? 



Own your niche

The whole point of developing your branding statement is to own your niche. Its important that you take the uniqueness you've identified in your brand positioning statement and capitalize on it. Maybe it's adding a hand written note to every order you fulfill because you genuinely thrive on the customer service interaction. Or you make Snapchat videos about funny things around the office because your office culture is a defining factor for why clients choose to work with you. Take that brand positioning statement and figure out how its going to help you differentiate yourself from your competition and the way you do business. It doesn't have to be a complicated change, keep it simple, but make it different than "the other guys."

Establish Your Voice

Your brand positioning statement will help set the tone for how you write marketing copy or create tag lines. Are your Facebook posts more serious and emotional? Are they humorous and light? Do you include funny hashtags on your Instagram posts? Maybe it sets the tone for how you interact with customers on Twitter?

Understanding the voice of your brand will drive the visuals and copy for all of your media. Take Old Spice for example: Even though we don't have their brand positioning statement (it is only for internal use after all!) we could probably assume that their positioning statement is humorous with a focus on the Gen Y'ers, becoming the driving force behind all of their wacky and funny creative work. Or we could look at Fitbit where they have a casual and fun voice with a focus on wellness in all facets of your life.

The whole point of this statement is to establish consistency and a clear point of view for anyone writing copy or developing a marketing strategy at your business. Together your team should decide what that voice sounds like, then keep it consistent with your brand moving forward. Having that voice is going to help your customers understand and identify with your brand. 

Write Some  Tag lines

Now you get to have some fun writing tag lines that reflect your brand positioning statement. Remember to use the voice you've established to set the tone for your tag lines and own your niche! Here are a few things to remember when writing a great tag line:

1. Make it standout

2. Sell your differentiating factor

3. Make a connection with your audience that reflects your brand personality.

Here are some other articles that provide great tips for writing tag lines:
10 Tips for a Remarkable Tagline from 

or How NOT to Write Your Next Tagline from

Whenever we go into a brainstorming session there is a lot of junk thrown out, but also some gems. Don't be afraid to get the bad lines out because you'll probably work your way to something great. In general at Prime we have to get through the dirty jokes, or funny innuendos to get those creative juices flowing. Haha! My advice is create a space that people feel like they can mix ideas without judgment because when you get a team that is working together you can create some effective and clever tag lines. 

 I think I've now given you enough information to make you dangerous! Just remember, your brand positioning statement is all about establishing a personality that your customers/clients/audience can connect with, differentiate, and continue to relate too. Go forth and conquer my friends!


Need some more information about how to write a brand positioning statement? Download our guide to writing a brand positioning statement.

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