Shodair Children's Hospital Launches New Brand and Website

Posted by Katie Pierce on Nov 23, 2015 3:18:26 PM


This past month, Prime launched a new website for Shodair Children's Hospital, Montana's only Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Along with the new website we also unveiled a new logo for the hospital, which has been operating for over 115 years. The new branding and website were the culmination of over a year of work and a joint effort with Prime and the hospital staff. 

New Logo Same Heritage


With Shodair's extensive history around the State of Montana, it was important to preserve some of the symbols that were represented in the old logo. The old logo featured two interconnected rings that represent the genetic and psychiatric services that Shodair offers.


Shodair-logo.jpegThe new logo features four windows that are reflective of the four psychiatric units and the four areas of operation in Medical Genetics. The four psychiatric units of Shodair are Acute, Glacier, Yellowstone, and High Desert; and the four areas of operation in Medical Genetics at Shodair being laboratory research, newborn screening, follow-up, and outreach clinics. At the same time the space where the four windows intersect forms chromosome-like shape, representing the equal importance of the Genetics Laboratory and the Psychiatric work at Shodair. We feel the new logo provides a significant improvement in the branding while maintaining the symbolic importance of the the genetic and psychiatric work within the State of Montana. 

A Brand New Website

psychiatric.jpgIn conjunction with the new logo Prime and Shodair also set out to develop a new website to provide an improved web presence that would allow Shodair's staff the ability to manage all their content in-house. The new website offers an easy to navigate interface that is fully responsive to insure smooth transition from desktop, to laptop, to tablet to mobile devices. Out of the numerous content management system (CMS) options, we chose to build the site on the ExpressionEngine content management platform with tailored content entry points allowing Shodair to focus on the content that is important to them and their website visitors. The new look compliments the new logo and is very visual with large photos on the home page and in the headers that create a welcoming design to draw visitors in. The architecture of the new site is also been revamped to help minimize clicks, allowing visitors to get to the information they need quicker.

Overall we are excited to show off the new and improved Shodair logo and website. We hope that you will take the time to visit and let us know what you think. 

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