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Posted by Jason Johnson on May 5, 2020 2:00:00 PM
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It’s here! The day that never seemed like it would come. The one we could hardly see from the depths of our quarantine stupor, sick with cabin fever and drunk on toilet paper power. Slowly but surely, however, a light began to shine on the horizon, and soon enough, it was time to ditch our robes, open the doors, and get back to work.

And while things are sluggishly going back to normal, that normal looks new, at least for a while. The odds are that as you go prepare to go back to the workplace, you’ve got a laundry list of tasks you need to accomplish to get you back up to speed and running smoothly. We’ve made it a priority to H.E.L.P. businesses navigate these uncertain times, and that doesn’t just go away as we all go back to work. Whatever you may need, Prime is here. Let’s look at some of the biggest endeavors we can H.E.L.P. you undertake to make sure your business doesn’t just survive the new normal but thrives in it.




A New Digital Marketing Campaign

Now that shelter in place has been lifted for your area, you need your people to know your doors are open! It’s essential to ramp up business and come back with a bang after such an unstable period has passed. One of the best ways to do this is a new digital marketing campaign that intentionally communicates important messages to your customers.

You might run an information campaign that educates them about how you’ll be maintaining a clean, safe environment or an awareness campaign that brings your company back into the forefront of their mind. It might just be something to communicate that your business is still going, and is ready to serve your client base. Either way, now is a great time to start talking actively with your customers and potential customers about your business.




A New Website

As you begin to relaunch operations, consider your website. Is all the information that was on your site before the shutdown still accurate? There’s a good chance you have new standards and protocols you want to communicate with your audience. Updating your website is easily one of the best ways to do this.

It might be that the quarantine was an evaluation period for you, and you’ve decided that the website you’ve been neglecting for a while, is ready for a facelift. Whatever the reason, we recommend paying extra care to your website and how it engages your target market. As we come out of the shutdown, your website has a great potential to positively affect your bottom line, especially as other businesses ramp up as well. Make sure you revisit your messaging, your associations, and the level of empathy that exists in your communications in this type of representative media that speaks to various people on your behalf.




A New Brand or a Rebrand

As we mentioned, quarantine has primarily been a time of pulling back to see the forest for the trees. From personal habits to business goals, people around the world have been granted a bizarre opportunity to put everything on pause and introspect. Perhaps it’s meant the realization that your company needs a rebrand. As you work to engage customers actively and get their attention as things go back to normal, why not do so with a shiny new face?

Whether your color scheme is outdated, your language doesn’t fit your values, or the benefits you offer have changed, now is the time to take an honest look at your brand and make the changes required to operate as successfully as possible. You might look at a new logo for this season of business. Maybe a change in personnel or competition, means you need to add or subtract services and incorporate new design elements to represent them. A brand or a rebrand might be just the emphasis that will help clients see the new you, and identify the quality of what you do with the new campaign.




New Collateral or Signage

As we all tentatively step back into the world, it’s no secret that people are nervous. They’ve been dealt a shock most never saw happening in their lifetime, and frankly, it scared the pants off a lot of folks. With this, it becomes more important than ever to communicate clearly and effectively.

One of the best ways businesses are doing this is through signage. From massive “We’re open for takeout,” signs hanging in the windows, to “six feet apart” floor stickers, businesses are communicating important information with the customers. Whether you need signage to instruct your employees about new procedures ore to reassure your customers, creating helpful collateral is imperative during this time.

Regardless of what your needs may be, PRIME is always here to H.E.L.P., both now and in the future. We know supporting your success throughout COVID doesn’t stop as things reopen. Now more than ever, it’s vital that we back our businesses both local and beyond in whatever ways we can. If you need a new website, signage, a brand overhaul, or anything in between, call us. We’re here for whatever you need to get back to business.




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