Project Profile: Computer Science Vinyl Installation

Posted by Alexa Audet on Jul 6, 2017 4:17:05 PM

For many of us at Prime Incorporated, Montana State University is our alma mater so we love opportunities to be a part of projects on campus.

The first MSU project I had the pleasure of working on was designing (and even producing) the signage and wayfinding for the newly renovated Miller Dining Hall. Getting into the game as early as we did, we were also able to be a part of some major interior decisions to help accommodate our designs. It was such a great success that we were asked to assist in the next renovation as well!

On this particular project, we were sought out to help the new Computer Science department on campus. This project would include more of an academic approach - meaning a lot of research - but we were ready for the challenge.

The Challenge

The Computer Science department at MSU underwent some minor renovations and wanted to add a little color and excitement to their main hallway. Our initial meetings included brainstorming ways to show the importance of Computer Science and some significant milestones it has made over the course of its existence without coming across as “nerdy.” The challenging aspect of this project was implementing engaging imagery and graphics without reinforcing the "nerdy" stigma they were trying to avoid. A lot of research went into this project, but there was a lot to learn to make this design work effectively.


 The Result

The outcome was a giant vinyl timeline that showed the progression of some incredible scientific milestones. I especially enjoy the reference to the "Hello World" program.



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