Please Excuse the Dog Hair

Posted by Lena Haines on Jul 28, 2016 3:27:13 PM




If you've been to our office before you've probably noticed the dog hair. You've probably also noticed the waggy tails that meet you at the door. That's either Jasper the Yellow Lab or Eva the brindle Mastiff. Some clients love it, some wish that the dogs would leave them alone, and some don't even seem to notice. Well bringing my dog to work is one of my favorite Prime-perks and I don't think I could go without it now. 


The bring your dog to work philosophy really started with Jason. His dog Griffin, the gentlemanly chocolate lab, had been an office dog since he was a pup. Though there will never be a Lab as studly and well-behaved as him. I would like to note that he paved the way for the rest of the dogs to accompany employees to work. I started bringing Jasper after I was hired on full time and thought he might be able to handle a full day of work. It was never really a thing the guys announced we could do, I just took total advantage of the situation and it soon became the norm.

So why did it stick? There is nothing better than being able to pop out of the office during my lunch and take Jasper up Drinking Horse Trail for a quick hike or simply being able to love on him after a tough moment at work. He loves to take himself around the office and get pets from each of the employees, whether they want to or not...Overall his nose nudges and unsolicited hugs have become ingrained in our office culture. It's hard not to smile and check your attitude when you see one of dog's waggly tails as they offer you up a toy. 

Sometimes I work long hours on projects, sometimes projects require a lot of intense concentration. Being able to have Jasper by my side (or asleep on my feet) gives me a lot of comfort and happiness. It also gives me a reason to step away, take a deep breath, and refresh myself for work. 

Bringing your dogs to work isn't a total crock. In a Banfield Pet Hospital survey over 88% of employees agreed that pets in the work place improved employee morale.  86% agreed that it reduces stress, 82% of employees agreed that it creates greater loyalty to the company and 75% agreed that it increased their ability to work long hours. These are all major wins in my eyes. 

Here are a few reasons I think dogs should be allowed in the office.

General Cuteness Factor Jasper is definitely a 10 on the cuteness scale and he brings the office's rating up by an overwhelming 110%.

Snuggles This is one is obvious to me. If they won't let us have nap time then I want puppy snuggle time

Humor You saw the picture with the eyebrows? Yeah that may seem a little ridiculous but whether Jasper is entertaining us with his expressions or funny way of play, he helps keep things light in the office.

Break Time Generally when Jasper needs a potty break I need a computer break.

I'm a Better Pet Parent Ever heard the expression that dogs might only be a part of your life, but to them you are their whole life? Yeah that one gets me right in the heart strings. I feel less guilty working long hours when Jasper is right there with me. 

Jasper is an Excellent Blog Writer Better than me actually. He's working on series called "Healing with Heelers" about his Blue-Heeler best friend and how they both were adopted. It's a truly inspired piece.

He's My Best Friend If I could share most things with him I would, but for now its our adventures, work and a bit of my sandwich. 

So next time you're at Prime take a sec to see if Jasper is catching a nap under my desk or give him a pat on the head. And please, excuse the dog hair. 

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