Listen up: how mobile has changed your music habits

Posted by Alli Sisson on Oct 29, 2019 12:00:00 PM


What Music Looked Like Then

Odds are if you're reading this, you grew up in a generation that wasn't just born into the online universe. From Lite Bright loving 90's babies to the Dead Heads of the '60s and everything in between, many of us are more familiar with how the musical days of yesteryear looked – And it's a heck of a lot different from now. 

No longer do you live and die by album cover art. Moms don't need to tell their kids to turn the stereo down. No holding your breath as you hope and pray some spit and a little elbow grease will save your scuffed-up Blink 182 CD. And your heart doesn't skip a beat when you download LimeWire under the radar.




What Music Looks Like Now

While music looks a lot different today thanks to the mobile economy, the truth of the matter is that nearly all of those changes are for the better. Music is more accessible than ever, with little to no limits on where, when, or how you listen. Music of today also as nearly unlimited subscription services to feed your new music needs. Apps like Spotify or Apple Music put you in the driver's seat of 50 million songs for a monthly fee. Kind of makes those ten books of CDs you used to carry in your backseat a bit old-fashioned.


Mobile Makes Music More Personal

With the invention of music for mobile, listeners are no longer limited to simply picking the album of whichever artist they feel like listening to. They can curate playlists of a variety of music, meeting their mood, their workout, or their taste. Just like the mix-tapes of old, except now you can seam together multiple hours of songs, soundbites, and podcasts at the whim of your choice.

iTunes is the innovator of this space. From the iPod to your phone's music library, getting music mobile has been the revolution they have delivered to the masses. Other users may opt for Google Play or one of the subscription services, but ultimately, the songs you want are there to purchase individually, as an album or through subscription.

The robust features in these apps allow are in social connection and shared playlists. Your curated playlists can be private, shared, or jointly contributed to. Not only can they be a mix of whatever artists or songs you choose, but they can automate a list based on your music choices, or a multitude of playlists for different moods, based on an algorithm that tracks what you're already listening to.

Users can incorporate integrated social media sharing, as well as in-app sharing with other subscribers on the app. You can also follow along with what friends are listening to, and follow specific playlists they've built that you enjoy yourself. They also give you a handy little snapshot of what you listen to most and how much time you have been streaming.




Mobile Makes Music, Well, More Mobile

Hands down the best thing about mobile's influence on music is, well, it's mobility! The days of toting a boom box around on your shoulder are over (unless you're into that sort of thing). Users can take their playlists down into the subways to transform their commute, 30,000 miles up into the sky, or to the gym to fuel their work out.

Combine this ability with your phone's Bluetooth capability to take advantage of detached listening, whether you're streaming to cordless headphones, rocking out in the car, or projecting your newest music over a speaker at the lake. You can also connect to some public systems to show off your playlists. We here at PRIME take advantage of doing this at work. Here is a link to one of our recent playlists of PRIME-HIT Wonders


What's your favorite music streaming app? We know people are pretty ride-or-die when it comes to how they listen to their music. Tell us your favorite below!

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