Lead Capture Strategies That Need To Be Part Of Your Website

Posted by Ben Fjare on Feb 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Lead generation is the key to any great website, but many businesses don't think enough about the visitors looking at their site.  The following is a list of simple lead capture strategies to think about when building your website.

1: Don't just ask for emails. Give something to get something.

The biggest mistake is thinking that anyone is going to respond to "Give me your email now!" In an age of email offers from Nigerian princes and constant request to help transfer inheritance funds overseas, people are hesitant to hand over their emails.

What's important is making sure you provide them with some value.  A quick quiz to help them find the perfect product, an easy calculator to find out what they can afford or an informational PDF that will guide them down the rabbit hole are all great ways to ease the hesitation of typing in their email.

2. Put lead requests at the end of your content.

No one likes getting stuff shoved in their face, so if you are going to have a call to action do it at the end of your content not the beginning.  Once a visitor has engaged and appreciated the content you have written, they are far more likely to give you information.

3. Keep it light and be polite.

Be funny, be friendly, be approachable.  Scare tactics are no way to trap someone into your digital marketing embrace. The more relatable and soft you can make the message, the less likely you're going to send me Viagra coupons and great deals on airline tickets.

4. Make sure they can see it.

No one will click on a button or fill out a form they don't notice it.  Contrast and eye catching color is the name of the game here.

5. If your content sucks so will your leads.

If what you write or provide is of no use to anyone, your potential customers will think the same about you!


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