How to Track Potential Credit Union Members

Posted by Gregg Alexander on May 16, 2017 9:39:00 AM


To turn potential credit union members into real life customers; you need to keep track of them and pay attention to their needs. With a strategy and a tailored customer relations management system, you’ll be able to track your buyer's journey and better meet their needs. You should think of the system like a funnel where you’re helping those potential members along to your institution. 


The first step in attracting potential credit union members is often the trickiest. They need what you have but they don’t know that they need it. This is where your marketing team has to hit the ground running. An online presence can be a huge boost in this stage but it has to be the right presence. At this stage of the customer funnel they don’t know what they’re looking for so they can’t know that they need you yet. It’s also important at this stage to educate your customers on the potential benefits you can bring them.


Once you’ve informed them about their options, it’s time to help them research. At this point, an automated CRM could be very helpful to track your potential credit union members interests and needs. They’ll be making comparisons and getting more specific with their desires. The information gathered by a CRM can be very useful in designing an experience for their situation. In addition to learning more about your potential customer’s wants and needs; it’ll be beneficial to both parties to continue to build trust as you guide them through the funnel. 


Now comes the big moment; when potential credit union members become a part of your financial family. At this stage, help your customers in understanding what specifically you can offer them. Again, the CRM can come in very helpful. The information you’ve collected along the way can be utilized to tailor your services to the customer. That information can not only continue to help you and the customer throughout their tenure with your credit union but can help to promote your services by word of mouth. This means happier customers and more of them. 


If you look at tracking your potential credit union members in terms of a funnel, the information you collect will build on itself and will assist you the whole way. Every department in your company can be made more effective and efficient with the data collected, and your customers will be better taken care of because of it. 


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