How to Target Your Market: The Local Game

Posted by Joshua Weir on Jul 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM


As a business owner, it’s a given in today’s world that you need to have a social media presence. If you’re still thinking about social as something that Millennials simply spend too much time on, it’s time to think again, friend. Not only do you need to be on social media, but you also need to have a strong plan about how you’re going to use it, who you want to talk to, and what you want to get out of it.

Knowing Your Audience

When it comes to your social media presence, it’s impossible to be successful without knowing who you’re talking to. While there are lots of different segments you could break these audiences down to, today we’re talking about your local and global audience. How should you be talking to each? Do you even realize you have one of each? Do you need to market to them in the same way or separately?  All of these are valid questions for targeting your market in a way that gets you the most dividends. Today we’re looking at each platform that’s best suited to reach a local audience and going over some general use cases for what it looks like to do just that.

Reaching Locals with Facebook

Facebook isn’t just the place where your GamGam wishes you happy birthday or that crazy aunt shares conspiracy theories. Facebook is a melting pot of locals in your area that are waiting at your fingertips to be reached. There are lots of ways you can use Facebook to reach locals, from messaging them directly to finding potential customers through suggested connections. But one of the best things it can be used for is promoting an event you’ve got going on.

Facebook Use Case:

Let’s say you’re a local brewery that wants to get more people into your business. You decide to hold a tasting event, where locals can come and try three new types of brew and vote one which should be implemented onto the menu. You can create a Facebook Event and promote your post about it using Facebook’s affordable ad features. Choose to advertise to people in your area, select your mile radius, and get specific with detailed targeting. Users who then see your ad can accept the invite to the event and invite others in the area. Really want to use Facebook to go the extra mile in your local community? Offer an incentive for Facebook users to “check-in” once they’re at your brewery. This could score them anything from a free pint to a raffle entry into a merchandise giveaway.

Reaching Locals with Instagram

While Instagram carries a lot of punch for marketing to a large audience, it has a handful of features that, if used correctly, can land you in the spotlight with your local audience. Creating an ad on Instagram is nearly the same process as doing so on Facebook, as Facebook bought out Instagram a few years ago. You’ll create your ad, select your location, set your mile radius, and make the most of your detailed targeting.

Instagram Use Case:

One of the most popular marketing tactics on Instagram is the takeover or joint giveaway. This works when you join forces with another local company that serves a similar sort of audience as you, but a different, complimentary product. For example, if you’re a local hair salon who knows of a local spa with a similar brand, you could team up. Each company would do an Instagram swap, taking over the others for a day, posting and engaging with the audience via their Instagram stories.

This is a win-win, giving you both access to followers in the area who may not be following you already, and are likely your target demographic. Want to really take it a step further? Offer an after-hours event that you co-host together where locals can come into the salon for discounted blowouts, facials, and chair massages.

Follow up with a giveaway post promoting the event that both businesses can share. The giveaway should offer free services (like a blowout/facial package) in return for giving your co-host a follow, tagging as many local friends as possible, and sharing the post on their own page. This means that every tagged local will see your post, and anyone following those who re-post the promo on their own page will also be exposed to your business.

Starting to make sense? Now, this doesn’t mean this is the only marketing you need to be doing. Maybe you have an online store and rely on orders from around the world. Maybe you’re an online personality who needs volume in order to gain endorsements. That’s why we’ve also created an entire breakdown on how to use the right platforms to target a global audience, that we will unveil next week.

Of course, managing all these segments can be a doozy if you’re trying to do so manually. We highly recommend using a platform like Hubspot to help you break out and organize all of your posts across multiple platforms, to multiple audiences, from one place. Have questions about the suggested tactics? We’d love to dive into specifics for you! Ask us in the comments below for more info!


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