How to Target Your Market: The Global Game

Posted by Joshua Weir on Jul 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Knowing Your Audience

While we’ve already given you the playbook for targeting your local market, today we’re mapping out how to target your market around the globe with meaningful, engaging content. The fact is, not all social media platforms are created equally when it comes to your targeting initiatives. None of them are bad, but some are most certainly better than others for a broader reach. Just like your platforms will change as you try to reach those who don’t live down the lane, so will your technique and strategy.

Your message to Sally Sue, an active member of your local community, may not resonate with someone who lives a thousand miles away. They could value very different things depending on location, culture, demographics, and so on. That means that the benefits you present to them will look different. Simply put, the world isn’t a flat piece of toast you spread a pat of butter across. Let’s look at how to churn out the actual results you want by broadcasting the right messages on the right platforms.

Reaching Your Global Audience with Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest—the constant dark horse of social media. Pinterest is one of the few platforms that any business can tap into and gain massive exposure simply by following a few organic techniques. Unlike platforms like Instagram, where algorithms make it more and more impossible to be found by organic search traffic, Pinterest operates on a different plane. Just like Google, Pinterest isn’t a social media outlet, but a search engine. The key difference is that, while popular, Pinterest isn’t saturated in the extreme way that Google is. It makes for the perfect opportunity to stand out while gaining exposure in a global marketplace. As a visual platform, it’s an especially strong contender for those selling a product.

Pinterest Use Case:

Let’s say you’re luggage company that wants to launch the sale of your new product, a leather carry-on bucket bag. You’ve done your product photo shoot, written the product description copy, and it’s listed on your website. Now you need to drive traffic there to start raking in buyers. On your Pinterest, you create a Promoted Pin, or better yet a Carousel Promoted Pin.

Much like Instagram’s swipe feature, this allows you to host multiple images in one post that are accessible through swipe. You take the images from your website and repurpose them into the Promoted Pin. Just like good website content, your pin content should include keywords and phrases around your product. Like Instagram, you can also include hashtags that relate to your subject matter.

Once your pin is created, you can choose to target an “Actalike” audience. This is an audience who searches for similar content to what you’re promoting. Once your pin is published, it will appear in their feed as promoted content that makes it to the top of the page. From here, one click will take users directly from Pinterest to the product page on your website.


Reaching Your Global Audience with Twitter

When Twitter first came into the world, it was a way for people everywhere to relish the fact that Zac Efron was eating mac n’ cheese, or that Taylor Swift was apologizing to her cat. Thirteen years later (hard to believe, eh) and it’s one of the largest news sources and business networking tools on the planet. With a whopping 330 million users, Twitter gives businesses the opportunity to reach people all over the globe while staying relevant through real-time targeting.

To better target your global audience, Twitter allows its users to create different lists, which you can then use to push out different segmented messages. You can add people manually via Twitter to these lists, or upload your own data. Twitter will take the information you uploaded such as email addresses or phone numbers and find their matching Twitter handles, and then add those handles to your list. You can even select to “expand the reach” of this list, and Twitter will locate similar users who may also be interested in your content. This allows you to hyper-target your audience, no matter where they are in the world.

Twitter Use Case:

Imagine you’re an online clothing company struggling with the crushing dilemma of cart abandonment. Your website data is showing a high traffic volume, but it’s not being reflected in your sales. You decide it’s time to give your prospects a little TLC via nurture campaign.

The campaign then kicks off with a “spin the wheel” pop-up on your website that offers visitors winnable discounts in return for their email address. Once you’ve collected enough, you drop the email addresses into a document and upload them to your business Twitter account. From here, you create a specific list for your nurture campaign. You proceed to target this list of global prospects who you know have already shown interest in your products with some of your most popular pieces, directing them back to your website.

To take it a step further, you could simultaneously launch an email campaign that works to nurture the prospective buyers with incentives like freebies, giveaways, and limited time discounts. Multi-layering your offerings often drives success better than repeating messages through the same channel. Mix it up, gauge your results, and find out what works best for your community.

Have any questions about how to do any of this in-depth? Ask us! We’d love to dive deeper into how to use these platforms to best target your global audience!


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