7 Steps to Gain Buy In With Your Credit Union Marketing Strategy

Posted by Alexa Audet on Feb 16, 2017 10:02:00 AM


So, your credit union is due to change up their marketing strategy and thrive in the digital age. Improving the visibility of your institution is everyone's top priority BUT causing any sort of ripple in the way things have always been done may cause some resistance. Converting to a digital-heavy content marketing strategy in 2017 seems like a no-brainer, right? New business is going to come from younger generations and without creating, publishing and distributing helpful content across digital platforms, you are missing these crucial conversion opportunities. As a credit union, we know you are faced with extremely traditional viewpoints from all levels of your organization. Avoid the frustrations of getting everyone on board by following these 7 steps to gain buy-in with your credit union marketing strategy.

1. Prove it

It is not enough to simply throw the idea of a new marketing strategy into the universe, you must be able to back it up. Be prepared to answer questions that will come from all directions of your organization, buy-in needs to happen on all levels. Just like any other marketing plan, you must be able to calculate and measure prospective ROI and success. Lucky for you, going digital makes tracking and measuring marketing efforts a lot easier--BIG selling point.

2. Communicate

Being totally transparent in your marketing agenda will help the process run smoothly. Become an expert in content marketing and how it can be successful for your credit union. Lay out your plan and involve your team. Everybody loves hearing about benefits so focus on communicating the end goal as much as possible. Taking these necessary steps will help minimize the backlash.  

3. Educate

Content marketing best practices will be everyone’s best friend, but don’t count on the entire organization figuring it all out on their own. Be proactive in educating all levels of your credit union, not only in their own roles but on others as well. For too long have companies have kept marketing and sales separate. Marketing didn’t hold as much importance as it does today, while sales brought in the business; no communication and no interaction. They may not like it but implementing the new marketing strategy will call for marketing and sales to work closely together; converting leads into customers through the sales funnel.

See an example of how the sales funnel works from hubspot.com below:


4. Motivate

Instill some confidence in your team. Assign tasks and lend out roles to those you know will get the job done. If everyone feels like they have important part of initiating the new marketing strategy then buy in will ultimately increase. Success of content marketing is extremely measurable so continue to motivate using positively driven data.

5. Delegate

Assign tasks efficiently and be firm on deadlines. Internal changes can often fall to the wayside of pre-existing work if you don't stay on top of things. Keep the excitement surrounding the evolution alive and make it part of your culture.

6. Check In

Changes come with their fair share of frustrations. Implement weekly meetings to check in on progress and sanity levels. This may help ease the tension. Help everyone see the light at the end of the tunnel by measuring progress and presenting it.

7. Be open to revisions

Content marketing is a great strategy; however, it is not one-size fits all. Be open to revisions as your organization goes through these growing pains. Internal buy in and trial/error will help formulate the best marketing strategy for YOUR credit union. Plenty of organizations use this methodology, but the most success will come from making it your own. Your credit union is unlike any other and shaped by awesome products and services, great customer service, the community you reside and your member demographics, so go ahead and blaze your own trail.


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