How to Apply Marketing Automation to Scale Your Business

Posted by Jason Johnson on Sep 7, 2018 12:45:00 PM
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Marketing automation is a powerful business tool. If used correctly, marketing automation can help you achieve continued business growth for your KPIs while saving tens or hundreds of hours - who doesn't want that!? However, adopting and applying these automation tools to scale the marketing efforts in your business becomes a complex and sometimes risky task.

It's time to bring clarity to marketing automation to help you decide if, and to what degree, that these tools should be used, and how to apply marketing automation to scale your business.


Who Should Be Using Marketing Automation

The short and easy answer is that EVERYONE should be using an automated marketing system! The caveat is, depending on the business structure, size, and budget, one system might be great for one company but not all. Thankfully, there is a long list of unique marketing automation systems that offer a solution to every type of company.

It's important to note that before shopping for a marketing automation software system, your company needs to clearly define the goals it wants to achieve from the software. In addition to the goals of the company, defining a marketing automation budget should be another pre-shopping consideration. 

As you start the process of shopping for a marketing automation system, it's important to not only research all of the attributes of the system but to keep in mind how each system would integrate with your current marketing process. It's easy to find a seemingly well-priced marketing system to then later discover that the integration process either doesn't work with your company or features that you're paying for will go unused.


How to Apply Marketing Automation To Scale a Business

Once you have found your ideal marketing platform and process, it's extremely important to take the time necessary to learn the system before you jump into using it right away. As hard as it is to suggest, I highly recommend reading and learning the ENTIRE marketing automation system before doing anything else. It's far easier to learn an entire system now that most marketing services offer online tutorials about their platforms. It only makes sense that if you're going to pay for the marketing software, you should be using ALL the features that are available to you that can be applied to your marketing strategy!

Marketing automation can be useful in every part of your marketing strategy. The most common areas that businesses find success with automation is with social media, email, inbound marketing, scheduling, and research. One of the best features of marketing automation is the detailed statistics that these systems can collect. Having more information about your target market and the best performing marketing methods will help your business continue to become more efficient over time.

The most important thing to focus on while applying new marketing automation systems is the process. Your new processes after applying the marketing automation systems should be much more efficient and effective at achieving your business goals. Take the time necessary to explore and discover the best way to carry out your marketing efforts. It's rare that the first marketing application will be the best way of doing it. Do your best to stay in a state of constant improvement through testing, analyzing your marketing results.


What to Avoid With MArketing Automation

It's a great idea to invest in a marketing automation system that has the ability to scale with your business. However, it's often an unclear transition point for when your business should move to the next tier in a marketing automation system. It's a great idea to map out the future of your marketing budget and goals along with the next tiers that your marketing automation would have to follow.

Remember that most marketing automation won't produce results immediately. Like with most marketing efforts, it's considered to be an investment for your business. The more efficiently and effectively that you can apply automation within your marketing, the better results you will start to see within your business.



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