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Posted by Alexa Audet on Aug 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM


I’m going to admit, I had a few creative blocks of my own when starting this blog. It’s not easy being charmingly witty 24/7 and, unfortunately, there isn't a creative fiber supplement on the market yet. That being said, we have to look elsewhere when finding a cure for what ails us. So what helps a creative genius in a rut? Here are five things to try next time you encounter that creative constipation. 


The feeling of worry will inevitably start the creative process. There is nothing like an upcoming deadline and a habit of procrastination to light a fire under your ass. This, however, is not an effective process…go figure, right? If worry and stress are already present before starting the project, then get up from your desk and quit. That’s right, I said quit. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is to run far, far away, clear your mind and approach the project with fresh eyes later.


Run Forest, Run

Not only will working out improve your health and get that body in shape, it can also help clear your head. Engage that metaphorical reboot button and go sweat out your frustrations. Screaming and 80's punch dancing is encouraged.


Talk About It

When I get into a funk I just lean over to a coworker and chat about the problems I’m facing and find possible solutions. Venting does the mind good and it usually ignites a positive change in your creative direction.


Think Ahead

Think ahead to what you are going to be doing this weekend or even right after work. It could help take the panic out of a creative block. By doing this you can redirect your thoughts toward a fun activity that has nothing to do with work. Your daydream could pose as a muse and inspire a breakthrough!


Overcome Your Fear

Sometimes being afraid of going outside our comfort zone can cause a creative block. Don’t be a pansy. Face your fears head on! The best thing to do is become familiar with what you are creating. Let’s say you are commissioned to create a logo for an outdoor company and your idea of being outdoorsy is drinking on a patio.


Research. The more familiar you become with the outdoor culture and demographic the easier your creative process will be. Who is this company? Who are they marketing to?


Go talk to some outdoorsy people and maybe try some outdoorsy activities. Immerse yourself into the culture; you might learn a few things.


Use a different medium. In my case, after researching, I might sketch out a few ideas before sitting down to my computer to create a final product.


Creative minds will suffer this epidemic more than we would like to admit. Don’t let yourself get in too deep or you just might see your creativity start to fade and eventually die.


Just kidding.


But seriously, if your routine isn’t supplementing your creative genius then go ahead and shake it up. There are plenty of methods out there to get those creative juices flowing again. Find what works best for you and keep fighting the good fight my creative friend.


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