9 Digital Marketing Influencers You Need to Be Following on Twitter

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Feb 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Digital Marketing Infuencers on Twitter
Unfortunately we can't spend our whole day searching for helpful blogs about digital marketing. But, you can create a  list of really great digital marketing influencers to follow on Twitter. This group of Twitter accounts will keep you inspired, generate treat ideas, and keep you up on trends in the digital marketing world. This is my go to list of Twitter accounts that I read on a regular basis and often retweet. Enjoy!

Jeff Bullas


Jeff is a newer follow for me, but I am continually drawn to his great tweets. His feed is full of tips and tricks to improve your content marketing. 

Susanna Gebauer


Susanna knows here shit... excuse my French. She writes for The Social MS and shares some great blogs. I am guilty of retweeting here two to three times per week. 

Jasmine Sandler


Jasmine's Twitter feed covers everything from SEO to inbound marketing to branding with great links to blogs and resources that are definitely retweet worthy. 

Jason Houck


Jason's Twitter feed is a little more broad than the others on my list. He shares helpful info for small business owners and entrepreneurs. His topics cover everything from improving productivity to social media marketing. 

Content Marketing Institute


The Content Marketing Institute is a must follow for any individual or business that is producing content to expand your digital reach and grow your brand. Their feed is focused on content creation and distribution and their tweets are great!

Seth Price


Seth Price is a little more focused on the Real Estate Industry, which we have quite a few clients in. Not all of his tweets might apply to everyone but the content is great. Very helpful for anyone working within the real estate realm.



HubSpot is a global leader in inbound marketing so their tweets are basically the bible of inbound marketing. We are a HubSpot platform partner so we've drank the Kool Aid, but their tweets and content are great. Definitely worth a follow for any industry or any level of digital marketing. 

Ann Handley


Ann is the head of content at MarketingProfs and she is "waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing". She is another of my more recent follows, but so far her Twitter feed has been great. Lots of helpful tips and resources about content marketing.



How could I create a list of influential Twitter accounts and not include my own company? In our Twitter feed we try to provide helpful tips, blogs, ideas, and even a little about Montana. We look forward to connecting with all of you through Twitter.

 Twitter has become such a powerful tool to share ideas. It has been crucial to helping us stay on top of our digital marketing game. We hope that you find our list of digital marketing influences helpful. For more tips, strategies, and ideas be sure to subscribe to our blog, The Awesome Sauce Digital Marketing Blog

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