7 Things That Make Prime Awesome

Posted by Alexa Audet on Oct 6, 2016 10:06:00 AM


Never heard of Prime Incorporated? Well that is a shame. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in inbound marketing, web design & development, branding, and marketing strategy. Intrigued? Want to know what it’s really like to work at a super awesome company like ours in Bozeman, MT? Here are seven reasons why our office is better than yours.

We love what we do.

We believe that passion is important to being successful. If you aren't passionate about what we do here at Prime as an employee, then you might not be a good fit. With that passion comes a strong desire to do good work for our clients. 

We have a kegerator.

That’s right, if we are in need of an afternoon refreshment, we have to walk a mere ten feet to satisfy our craving. All of the beer we tap in the office is local and extremely delicious. Here are a few Bozeman-area breweries that we tend to gravitate to: Bar 3 Brewing, Bozeman Brewing Co., 406 Brewing, Map Brewing Co., Outlaw Brewing--just to name a few.

We have half-day Fridays.

During the summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Prime employees have the option to leave at noon on Fridays. We are encouraged to enjoy summer and take advantage of this great area we live in, assuming our workload is under control, of course. Our company culture stresses a good work life balance because we believe that getting outside fuels creativity in the office. 

Location. Location. Location.

Prime Incorporated is within walking distance to the lively downtown Bozeman. We also have a great view of the Bridger Mountains and accessibility to some awesome hiking trails right outside our office door. 

We take advantage of local events together.

Prime has a company sponsored tailgate at every Montana State University football game. Attendance is not mandatory but we all show up and have a great time supporting our alma mater. Yes, 7 out of the 8 people in the office are MSU Alumni—GO CATS!

Team bonding outside of the office.

When it’s been a long week and morale is low, the team will cap off the day with a happy hour. We might stroll downtown to the Rocking R bar, Bar IX, or the Pourhouse to enjoy a well deserved cocktail-or three. It gives us a chance to bond outside of the office. Because we are a small company, we have the ability to form lasting relationships, not only with each other, but with our clients as well. It also makes seeing each other for the majority of the week WAY more bearable.

We love our four-legged friends.

We have honorary dog employees. I usually have my 140lb. English Mastiff in tow when I get to work. She loves the attention she gets from my co-workers and is always accepted by our amazing clients. A dog-friendly office is a happy office!


I could continue with plenty of reasons why our office is better than yours, but that just wouldn't be fair. If you are reading this and aren’t turning green from envy, then I would assume it's because you have retired to your own tropical island. Then, and only then, would I be envious of your job.

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