7 Outdoor Gear Companies With Trendy Logos

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Apr 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM

There is a lot to learn from the little guys, especially in the outdoor industry. To compete, the small companies must provide and execute their own unique brand to connect to their customers. A logo can either postively or negatively impact this unique view of the company. Here are 7 outdoor gear company logos that are awesome.

Western Rise


A relatively new company is taking the outdoor industry by storm. All of their products are based around the simple and sleek design of their brand logos. They actively use and promote themselves through their excellent caribou logo as well as the hashtag they created (#TrustTheWild) for themselves and their followers.

Bold Betties


Bold Betties is indeed bold to the core. The target is empowering women with the gear they need to explore the outdoors. The logo is daring and powerful with an older feel to it.

American Mountain Company


The American Mountain says it all in their logo. From the fonts and color all the way to their AM inscribed mountain, they visually connect with mountain explorers. Their passion runs deep through the logo as well as their clothing.



Bohnam tends to break the rules and forge their own business path. They branch out and use different logos, fonts and colors in their products which can make for a huge problem. However, their customers respond well to this which gives the company freedom to be creative and explore new looks.

Bambool Thermodynamics


Bambool combines their two largest products of bamboo and wool into their brand. This integration is central to the company and the overall importance can be seen. They focus on clean and renewable material sources which is parallel to the logo.

Mazama Designs

Mazama Designs is a small outdoor company specializing in hydration packs. Their products are designed for the active outdoor enthusiast with comfort and ease of access in mind. Their product and logo share this quality. The contrast of both smooth and sharp edges provides a bold yet smooth design for Mazama's logo.

Turtle Fur


This outdoor clothing company has a unique spin to their brand and logo. Turtle Fur uses many layers or "shells" in their products hence the name. In addition, their logo includes the name but also the stitching to promote well-made clothing.

The main thing to remember is that a brand logo should be unique and connect to your customers. They want to see the relation between the logo and what your company offers. With this connection, lifelong customers will be made.

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