6 Tips to Make it Through WTF Blues

Posted by Alexa Audet on Aug 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM


It’s after work on a Tuesday, now what? You got through the worst of it but there is still three more days until freedom. So how do you get past those WTF (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) blues? I’ve got a few suggestions to get you through.

 1. Take an actual lunch break

Sometimes making plans that are out of the ordinary can help release some tension. I mean, it’s only Wednesday--the weekend is still SO FAR away. Plus, getting out of the office for an actual hour to eat with coworkers or friends can help you to come back refreshed and ready to attack work again. Treat yourself afterwards by getting into the spirit of Wednesday-- by that I mean, indulge in some wine.

 2. Give in to sweatpants

It is beneficial to let yourself relax at some point during the week. I feel like I’m constantly on the go and it is comforting to know I can dedicate a whole night to my one true love--my sweatpants. Does that sound lame? Perhaps. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

 3. Make weekend plans

Discuss weekend plans with your friends on Monday and Tuesday. Because let’s face it, your friends are just as depressed as you are. Once you give yourself something to look forward to then you can flip the proverbial middle finger to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as they fly by.

 4. Leave your office whenever you can

It is often hard to remember that you have a life outside of your job. Whatever you can do to remind yourself of that, even if it’s taking a social media break at work, will improve your attitude immensely. Try walking around the building, leave to grab a coffee or make small talk with your coworker. You DON’T have to be a slave to your work to be a hard worker. If you are, I would suggest getting a life-- and FAST.

 5. Goof off for a night

During the summer months in Bozeman, MT we have an outdoor concert every Thursday. Main Street is closed off, booze is allowed outside and there is great food everywhere! Getting that social time before the last workday of the week really helps make Fridays enjoyable. You got it out of your system, now you are just hours away from the weekend, right? So make plans to enjoy a happy hour with friends, or find a weekly happening to attend. A little irresponsibility every now and again can make adulting a lot less daunting. Now, I’m not telling you to go get plastered during the week and fudge responsibilities. We are still professionals--most of the time. It is important to maintain a good balance of work and play.

 6. Use your Sundays

Cling to your last moments of freedom by getting your life together before the week. Do whatever you can to make the next five days go smoothly whether it’s cleaning, prepping food or making the cookies you know you will inevitably be craving by Wednesday. Whatever you need to do to keep from pulling your hair out, for God sakes, just do it. One thing you learn after making the transition to a 9-5 job was to stop treating Sunday like a part of the weekend. Sure, it was all fun and games when the only thing you had to do on Monday was show up to a 2pm class. These days, it would only make a Monday more Monday-ish. You should treat your Sunday as a mental health day. That means extra long workouts, extended trips to the park with your dog or actually vacuuming under your living room rug instead of just over it. 

Long story short, you need to find ways to keep your sanity in this workaholic world. We can't all win the lottery and retire to some private island off the coast of Italy. Anything you can do to keep the love for what you do Monday- Friday alive will make for a happier YOU! Set boundaries for yourself, let loose and live your life.


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