5 Companies with a Magnetic Personality

Posted by Justin Brown on Jul 8, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Have you experienced a company that is impossible not to like? The combination of great products, outstanding service, genuine social responsibility and a unique personality are all factors that go into a magnetic company. Without further ado, here are 5 companies with a with a magnetic personality.



Tentree is an outdoor apparel company that prides themselves on both their clothing and  their social responsibility. For every item a customer purchases, they plant 10 trees--how can you not like that? They have planted roughly 8.5 millions trees so far in their effort create a more healthy and clean planet. The company doesn't hide anything from their customers and strives to be as transparent as possible.

Their social media presence engages both customers and followers. Tentree uses amazing outdoor photos that are sent from their followers. If it makes the cut, which is extremely rare, Tentree will then upload it to their Instagram account and share the photo across their other social media channels. Their massive 1.5 million following on Instagram alone keeps a steady stream of breathtaking photos. Tentree makes everyone feel like a welcome part of their community which is both energizing and uplifting.



Challenging the hotel/motel lodging industry, Airbnb set out to create a whole new marketplace. Despite their slow start, Airbnb has experienced tremendous growth with their active users and investors. They are founded on the premise of connecting travelers to individuals with empty living spaces they would like to rent. The company provides both parties a platform to connect and read reviews, safely make payments, and resolve issues.

Airbnb reflects this relationship as well as their unique company culture through their website and social media channels. They accurately portray what they are all about-- adventuring and the happiness that comes along with it. Airbnb makes everyone feel at home by sharing featured hosts, inspiring stories, and actively answering questions or issues on each channel. They spend a lot of time on the details to make your experience the best it can be.



ThinkGeek has been connecting and supporting Geeks of all ages and generations since 1999. They started out as a hub for clever shirts and unusual gifts which continued to expand to pretty much anything you can think of-- gadgets, home and office decor, outdoor items, collectibles, or pranking gifts to name a few.

The inner geek you always had to hide is what ThinkGeek wants to connect with. Their strong company personality is present thoughout everything they do. Each product, employee, social media post, product review and even verbage will put a smile on anybody's face. ThinkGeek is on a mission to change the public's perspective of "Geek" into a proud and confident personality trait.


Southwest Airlines

As far as the trend that airlines follow these days, Southwest Airlines creates a distinct seperation. There's a reason that Southwest Airlines decided to change their logo to a heart. They go to great lengths to connect with each of their guests on a personal level. They have established themselves as one of the most caring airlines, priding themselves on friendly, reliable and low-cost air travel. They refuse to charge for customer's first or second bags, changing fees, or in-flight ammenities like snacks, soft drinks or pillows and blankets.

Southwest Airlines goes to great lengths to connect to their follower base through social media. The time put in to their different accounts is appartent as there is no cross posting. You can be sure that each post will be unique and engaging. Their biggest asset however is the outgoing personalities of every single employee. Each experience while flying is sure to be a little different based on the individual quirks possessed by every crew. Southwest Airline's company culture is really the icing on the cake for their company's magnetic personality.



Another big influence in the outdoor industy, Hydroflask is the company that's always active, happy and energetic. There are countless number of companies selling bottles but Hydroflask is in a league of its own. For each purchase you make, they give back 5% of the procedes back to one of their 12 charities or non-profit partners. The best part is, you decide which charity or non-profit it will go to.

Hydroflask creates an adventurous and curious mindset. Their social media features a great mix of client photos with their insulated bottle with some polished product shots. Hydroflask's bottle is like an indestructable personal assistant that can be taken anywhere. Their posts reflect this by always including their product in each adventure shot, but they are not the center of attention or the main focal point. Again, customers first, product second.


It might be easy to identify your company culture, but it can quickly become extremely difficult to maintain that same personality over time with many employees. Company culture can be the deciding factor that propels a business above the rest to capture and maintain a large audience or customer base. These 5 companies with magnetic personalities should serve as both an inspiration and an example of the influence a strong business personality can make on your audience.

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