11 Ways to Make Your Credit Union Members Feel Valued

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Feb 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Make your credit union members feel valued 

Members are the lifeline of your credit union. So, showing your members they are valued is a crucial piece of your marketing. Keeping your members happy is a great way to develop advocates within your community that will help spread the word about your CU, helping grow your membership through word of mouth. You may not view this as marketing, but it is. How you treat your members or the messaging your send out to them is important in maintaining the culture that you have worked so hard to establish. So, how do you make your credit union members feel important? Here are 11 ways that you can make an impact in your members' experience at your credit union. 

 1. Smile

We are starting you off with something really easy. This may seem simple but 93% of communication is non-verbal, and a smile is the easiest way to show someone you appreciate them and you are invested in the conversation you are sharing with them. 

Credit union email marketing2. Personalized Communications

If your credit union does any kind of automation, take the time to include the members name into the email. You may even be able to use branching logic to provide each member specific content based on their financial needs or life stage. 

3. Referral Incentives

To help jump start a referral based campaign, offering a reward or some type of incentive to referring a new member is a great strategy. The member who refers their friends to your credit union receives something for their loyalty and good word. 


4. Great Customer Service

The great Maya Angelou famously said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that couldn't be more true. Take the time to train your staff to offer excellent customer service. 

Credit union debit card usage5. Product Kickbacks

This strategy is used by almost all credit card companies. The more you spend, the more you receive. Think about the financial products you offer and which ones you could create a rewards program for. Maybe it's a checking account that gives a little back for debit card usage. Maybe it's a member only interest rate. Maybe it's an incentive for hitting certain levels in a unique savings account. Get creative here. 

6. Birthday or Special Emails

For every member you are provided a birthday and more than likely an email address. Why not send out automated birthday emails as a way to say thank you. Maybe you can partner with a local business to offer some time of gift card or coupon as a nice gesture. You provide great customer service and the local business gets more customers walking through the door. 

7. Stop Selling

People no longer want to be sold. They want someone who genuinely cares about their well being and their future. Build relationships with your members so they look at your CU as a resource instead of a money sucking bank. Take the time to learn a little about them and provide suggestions that will help them. 

8. Make Trust a Priority

In any relationship, trust is key. Why shouldn't trust be one of the main deciding factors when choosing a financial institution? Your members want to trust that you have their best interests in mind, they want to trust your financial products, they want to trust your staff, they want to trust that their future is in good hands. Take this to heart and make it part of your credit union's culture. 

9. Be Approachable

Remember that teacher growing up that was so easy to talk to? You were never intimidated to tell them how your day was going or what was bothering you. Likewise, remember that mean teacher who you just avoided? Be the nice teacher. Finances are already intimidating enough, your members should walk through your front door and feel like they are entering a place where they don't have to know a lot to get a lot from your team. 

credit-union-community-service.jpg10. Give Back

Get involved in your community. The more you give the more you will get in return. Partner with local organizations to raise money for charity, volunteer for community projects, serve on committees, show you care. Do your part to improve your community and you will be rewarded. 

11. Enjoy What You Do

Take a step back and appreciate that your CU provides an important role in your members lives. Don't take that lightly. Enjoy helping your members. Get to know them. Invest yourself in their future. This type of attitude is infectious and won't go unnoticed. Your members will appreciate your staff's help and it will go a long way. 

Making your members feel valued doesn't take a lot of time or money. It doesn't have to be a big marketing campaign. Start with a smile and pay attention to their issue. It may not seem like marketing and you may not think marketing to your members is important, but it should be a priority. 

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