11 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With Content Writers

Posted by Lindsay McWilliams on Mar 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Are you struggling with writing content? You're not alone. Content writers give you the ability to bypass some of the common struggles that most all of us face. Here are serveral reasons you should be working with a content writer.

If you're finding it hard to see how this content will actually translate into growing your business, I'd suggest first taking a look at these Cold, Hard Stats About Marketing and Content

1. Business Growth

There are several reasons you would use content for your business. The popular opinion is to grow or attain new customers. You might focus on more sales, larger single purchases, or creating awareness for potential customers. Another way you can use content is to maintain or engage your current customers. By providing useful and enjoyable content, your customers will retain a connection with your business. Content writers understand these goals and can effectively create content that works with your specific business. 

2. Specialization

There is a reason why you're in your industry and why writers write. It's what you're good at and (hopefully) enjoy at the same time. This is the same for writers and their specific tasks. The title of content writers is a very broad term that is applied because many of these individuals have serveral specialties or wear many hats. This is beneficial to you because you can find a specific content writing specialist for the jobs you need.

3. Ease of Availability

With the constant expansion of technology, the act of finding, connecting and working with a content writer has never been easier. There are serveral sites like Upwork and Writers Access that are specifically focused on connecting your project to the best writer from a pool of many thousand candidates. To promote this, the websites require each content writer to create a viewable account with their specific strengths and weaknesses as well as reviews of their previous work.

4. Writing is Stressful

Robert De Niro does a great job to explaining what it's like to write. "The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeine-addled, crippled by procrastication, consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing and soul-crushing inadequacy. And that's on a good day." Need I say more?

5. Cost Efficient

How much does a content writer actually cost? Well that's the million dollar question. Many factors go into the price of content writing such as type of content, length, research required and quality of content. I have seen a single blog post cost anywhere between $25 to multiple hundreds of dollars and even some website content for several thousand dollars. The most easy and accurate answer to the question is, "it depends." A content writer is usually much more cost efficient when you consider the time and energy it would take you to research and analyze your audience, create an effective content strategy and then write it.

6. More Time For "Meetings"

Working with a content writer will free up your already busy schedule so you don't have to cancel those important business meetings. Unfortunely, now you'll have to personally analyze the hunting/fishing reports, heavily debate the big game with friends, have a "girls night out" or competitively engage in a tug-of-war with your fluffy tail-wagger.

7. Social Media

Your interaction with your customers shouldn't just stop at the door. Social media is an excellent way (some say required) to stay connected with your audience. However, each social media platform has its own unspoken rules about how to properly use and connect with your specific audience. Upon doing the research, good content writers should know exactly which combinations of social media to use and how to post the content. Who knew social media was more than funny pictures and videos?

8. Research Overload

Before you jump into content creation, here are a few things you will have to research and learn in order to have any impact from your work.

  • Identify a specific target audience
  • Determine what type of content resonates with that audience
  • Create a voice 
  • Use SEO effectively
  • Create a long and short-term strategy
  • Decide what social channels are best to distribute your content

Believe me, these topics are not a simple internet search away to become experts in the field. It can take serveral days to simply grasp the best concepts and strategies for your business. Who has time for that?

9. Not A One-Size-Fits-All

No two businesses are the same. Even if you try to mimic or follow the same steps that successful companies do in your industry, you will always have differences. The same goes for effective content. All companies have different sizes, shapes, incomes and followers. These combinations are endless and should never be classifed and compared to anyone other than yourself.

10. Not A One-And-Done

The concept that one day you decide to start creating successful content which goes viral and attracts many new customers is simply not reality. It takes time to develop and execute a successful content marketing campaign. A few blog posts are a great start but publishing many posts over time is where the exposure and success will come from.

11. Underlying Considerations

While considering all of the above, there are a few hidden factors that might affect your decision-making abilities. For starters, if you want the most simplistic form of content for your business, a blog might the best idea (and cheapest.) Creating blog content doesn't require you to own any special programs but it is highly recommended that you have someone professional proofread your content. This will eliminate any negative impressions about structure or grammar that your customers might form from the content. More complex business content must be created using expensive programs which will also require time to learn the software. Most content writers have all the required programs for specific jobs.

So you've made the decision to hire content writers, now what? I'd recommend reading the 10 Questions you Must Ask Before Hiring a Content Writer.

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